Last night I saw what I thought may have been a roach antenna behind the fridge. Or a piece of hair. We weren’t sure.

Although I would rather ignore the sighting and pretend it didn’t exist, seeing no evidence of any other unwanted tenants, Aaron squirmed and complained enough to convince me to help him bug bomb the entire kitchen today because he couldn’t sleep at night thinking about it.
We empty every single thing out of the kitchen, set the thing off, four hours later return to find 
belly-up on our kitchen floor.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen Aaron happier.
Let it be shown, the man is crazy.

Living in the ‘057

Aaron and I have officially lived in the Tanglebrook/Galleria area apartment for…. six days.

In six days I have learned that,
-The garbage man comes every Tuesday and Thursday around 2 AM to thoroughly empty and inspect the dumpster, and in general rough it up a bit before leaving so as to make the most noise possible.
-Petco sells cloth underpants for 8-10 pound dachshunds in heat. Yes, my Ruby is becoming a woman. Unfortunately, they only sell them in denim with bandana ruffles, so my poor baby looks like white trash.
-Being less than a mile from at least six different ad agencies does not make you any closer to getting in to them. I have not hit a glass ceiling, only lots of tightly locked glass doors.
-Tanglewood is NICE. I know everyone’s always said it, but after driving around today sight-seeing with Aaron… wow. We are in the one old as hell apartment complex surrounded by million dollar homes, but we DO have crown molding in here, THANK you very much. 😉
-Mama Ninfa loves my neighborhood. She is on every corner. I love her. Nicole y yo will be traveling there mucho for margaritas, she just doesn’t know it yet.
Most importantly, day six is significant in that almost an entire week has passed living with Aaron and I have yet to notice/be bothered by any strange habits. I doubt he can say the same for me, but so far so good. He is even making dinner for us, per our arrangement in which I am never to cook lest I poison the both of us.

My OCD is Inflamed.

PS- how long does it TAKE to get a new Social Security card. Seriously folks.

Everything I own is in different states of transition. 
Chase account, Aaron’s Wells Fargo, Driver’s License, Passport, new apartment lease- all still Bravenec
renter’s insurance, church newsletters- officially McKechnie-ized
resume and job apps- confusing as hell. The cover letter is signed McKechnie, the link to my portfolio ends in lkbravenec, and my resume has both names. God help them if they ever actually read the damn things.

State of the Union

Every night before I sleep, I use the time laying open-eyed in the dark to analyze my life at its present state.

For the nights I anticipate displeasure in my assessment, I linger away from rest longer. I stay and chat, I look for every diversion.
Consequently when I roll into bed at 3 AM night after night, I know I am avoiding something big.
When I lay peacefully down at eleven without resistance, life will be good again.
If you lay your head down at 6:30 PM every night, you are truly living the good life.
But if you begin to live without questioning at all, what have you become?
Doing one thing every day that scares you would only leave me with a lifetime of fear and accomplishment.
Is this sound advice?
Is the point of life truly to overcome and grow as much as possible?
What if I believe differently.
Where is the line between pride and duty?
People have been claiming one in the name of the other since time began.

Losing Faith

According to Monster.com, the only job I am qualified for is Entry Level Victim of Scams and Pyramid Schemes.

I may be vulnerable, but I’m not that dumb… yet.
Who knows, in a month or so I may knowingly and willingly show up to get swindled. Just to kill some time.

The Big Day

Stranded in the real world, standing in the Mattress Firm, I find myself endlessly more afraid of a fifteen year commitment to a Sealy Posterpedic than I ever was to the man testing it out in the showroom.
I figure a person can live with just about anyone for the rest of their life as long as they’ve had a good night’s sleep.
Welcome to marriage.