Taking out the Trash, Mind Dump

1. Kudos to Vivid Entertainment for seeing a business opportunity in an unlikely place, but have they thought this through? Is there anyone, anyone who is not absolutely disgusted by the idea of octo-mom porn?

2. I would like to know if there is a scientific reason why my fingernails on my left hand grow twice as fast as my right, or if I am unwittingly biting the right ones twice as often.

3. Nicole Miller now has a line at JC Penney. I am uncertain how to feel about this, but something tells me it can’t be good. To be honest, I’m surprised Nicole is able to stomach the thought of her designs created entirely out of polyester and paper-thin synthetics.

4. Is there a single person in my life today that would be willing to attend the Houston Quilting Expo at the George R Brown on October 13? I have a lucrative business scheme revolving around taking the quilting world by storm. Anyone willing to endure the initial startup will get a cut. Just saying.

5. My dad sent me an article a week ago about how prominent scientists/psychologists/smart folks are now concluding that the definition and formula for genius is “intelligence, enthusiasm, endurance”. I’m supposing my naturally occurring 33.33% of this composition counts me out. Boo. Hoo.

6. I read a lot of crap. Enough to know that there is a woman somewhere in America, currently or previously pregnant with a “Baby on Board” tattoo on her belly. I feel like one of those people that spends hours linking through various Wikipedia entries until they eventually find out things they didn’t want to know.

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