Lauren Theory #12: The Law of Last Name Equivalency

Weirdness of Maiden Name = Weirdness of Married Name

Bravenec = McKechnie
Reynolds = Marshall
Beck = Hulse
Verret = Braziel
Small = Clark
Orlando = Wilson
Freeman = Moore
Vaal = Webb
James = Dean

(that last one is a real, I promise, the combination is merely coincidence… or not?)

Ethnicity of name, length of name, occurrence of double letters, difficulty level of pronunciation

There is a formula for knowing if someone is “The One” and it is very similar to that game we played in middle school where you write both your names and cross out all the common letters.

Further Research:
Determine validity of MASH test on housing situation.

*PS if anyone else would like to donate their names to “science” or if any of you listed feel uncomfortable with me using your names, let me know!*

4 thoughts on “Lauren Theory #12: The Law of Last Name Equivalency

  1. Haha, that’s funny! But it is true that it occurs. I never had thought of that before. You should get something published about this!!! For the cause of science, my sister’s name’s are:beck = bachopbeck = dillard

  2. ikpeme = ruthsits not even worth teaching ppl how to say ikpeme because no matter what it will be butchered.i like to think ruths is easier, but people have already called me Ruth as a first name (it seems this happens a lot to the ruths women, but i’ll be darned if people start replacing Ivy with Ruth) and i have been called Mrs. Ruth as well.. people dont get the extra S at the end…

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