Defiance is a Virtue

During a sick day at home a few weeks back I happened to catch an episode of The View that was more or less an infomercial for Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. They kept showing all these great outfits with designer labels and stylish bargains allegedly available at one of the two stores, and the whole time I was sitting at home yelling at the TV and Ruby (because at least she is a living thing and that is somehow less crazy that talking to innanimate objects) that they were LYING. That I’ve been to Marshalls and it’s all CRAP CRAP CRAP, a sea of crap as far as the eye can see. I became so defiant that as soon as I got myself well I marched my butt over to the nearest Marshall’s (a Home Goods combo on I-10) hell-bent on proving them wrong.

Instead I ended up with this:
Granted it’s made out of the world’s finest Rayon-Polyester blend, but it cost me (drumroll) TEN DOLLARS. Not bad at all. Especially when spiced up with my Betsy Johnson bow bracelet and Bandolino printed silk flats. As far as designer brands, Barbara and her ladies are delusional. The biggest labels I could find were Max Studio and BCBG Max Azria, and that took a good deal of crap-sifting.

Next project is to test Aaron’s theory that the greatness of Marshall’s items varys greatly by location- that rich or trendy areas probably have more designer goodies, in the hopes that I can once again prove myself right by selectively eliminating that possibility.

Regardless, Marshall’s was able to get themselves into my consideration set and get me in their door. Unintentional reverse psychology? Whaddya know, advertising works.

4 thoughts on “Defiance is a Virtue

  1. Cute, cute! But I agree with you. All I ever find at Marshall's and TJ Max is tons of twisted around a hanger crap (that stuff is never hung up right)…but you've inspired me to try once more.

  2. i gotta say. me and marshalls are TIGHT. you gotta know when to go to these stores… every spring, Ross gets a ton of shoes.. good ones. and honestly, sometimes you have to dig, but its like youre on a hunt for precious treasure! haha

  3. haha, I have to admit Ross does have some good shoe finds every now and then, and I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt. You'll have to let me know when it's time to go, I'll race you to the 7.5's. 🙂

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