5 thoughts on “As Promised…

  1. Woo hoo!! I was waiting for these! I will say… one of your girls names is OUR super-secret baby name for baby no. 2 if it's a girl. Great minds, Miss Lauren, great minds. BTW: London? SO CUTE!!

  2. small thing: so, Thomas' older sister named their second daughter Evelyn, and three syllables is a lot, so they abbreviate it to a nickname pronounced "Ee-vee". having grown up in the generation of Pokemon though [and also because I know another Evelyn who goes by Evie, pronounced "Eh-vee"], if you name your daughter Evelyn, that's my random pet peeve about nicknames.[/end random story about how I grew up loving Pokemon]

  3. I could discuss baby names all damn day. I particularly agree with you on Ramona, Rosalyn and Eleanor. All of them are throw backs though, and therefore awesome.

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