Ya no quieres caminar

I’m back from my long weekend in San Antonio.

And when I say long, I mean it. Count with me-
18 high school marching band performances (15 back-t0-back in a four-hour block)
9 total hours in the car
5 out of 6 meals Tex-Mex (two breakfast)
My skin is dry, my lips are chapped, I’m tired and itchy and I’m burping up foods I don’t remember eating. There are several mariachis along the Riverwalk still bewildered by my family’s adverse reaction to their presence. (Turns out when you spend five hours listening to marching bands the last thing you want is a trumpet six inches from your face wailing La Cucaracha while you eat dinner).
The good news:
-Saw my lovely sister’s marching performance with my alma mater
-Found one of the best Sangrias I’ve had in a long while
-Stopped by Buc-cees in Luling to visit the shrine of all things Road Trip
-Picked up a couple of goodies at the San Marcos outlets
-Took some decent pictures at the Market Square I’ll upload at some point…
Decent blog posts promised later as well. Spend the time in between contemplating why exactly the idea of eating next to a stream of running sewage is such a tourist attraction, and who ever decided that serving alcohol next to a water walkway with no guardrails was a good idea.

One thought on “Ya no quieres caminar

  1. Agh! Lauren! Your fellow alumni would have liked some results! How did our band do? What did you think of the show?? 🙂 I haven't been stalking the websites, I figured somebody would post results but Saturday's info was all about NCAA football. Go figure!

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