I’ve decided to spend the new year looking for different ways to punctuate my day.

Replacing TV with exercise,
over-spending with at-home meals,
sloth with hobbies,
writing with learning,
and generally trying to make the process of becoming someone I want to be a a deliberate, conscious, calculated act. Sometimes I get so caught up basking in the big picture, gazing at it dreamily as I stumble over rocks and chips in the sidewalk. Instead this year I’m going to keep my nose to ground, watch my feet, watch my calories, watch my crazy.
Make. some. progress.
This pie-in-the-sky idea I have of an insomniatic, neurotic know-it-all, coffee-addicted creative type needs to die. Achieving perceptions is exhausting, side-tracking, and completely immaterial to how I am going to ultimately define success.
I guess getting what you want is the only real way to tell if you need it.
I don’t need to be cool.

“Summer” Reading

I am approximately 60 pages into every. single. ONE. of these books. Trying to decide which ones to bring with me on the cruise next week. So much unfinished business, don’t know where to start.
Kinda how I feel about the blog right now. Total lost cause at this point. See you in the new year?

Christmastime is heeeeere….

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. Yes, these are the only Christmas decorations I own — two stockings from Target and a glittery sign from Michael’s that Aaron says is ghetto but I still believe is retro. Up until tonight I was feeling a little Linus-y about the whole thing even though (prepare yourselves) I’m not really into Christmas decorations.
That’s right. Call me Scrooge but it just pains me to sink so much money into something you only use once a year, and committing to a style that I will no doubt be tired of a year later, not to mention dragging it in and out and finding a place to store it — just not my thing especially when living as a transient in an apartment.
Anyhow, tonight I am gleeful because I worked an event where they let me take home a couple of the centerpieces — whala! My kind of Christmas decorations!
PS — the green candle on my table totally counts as Christmas decor, right? Right.