Do you think they make faucets with cold water knobs on the right side because the majority of people are right-handed and will choose it nine times out of ten, and because cold water is more energy-efficient than hot water, so it is therefor making it effortless for people to make more eco-friendly decisions simply by designing faucets with cold on the right?
I love thoughtful design. Which is a big reason I love this campaign by VW.
Simple ideas can change the world.


See these –

I’m tired of looking at them.
Thinking about selling/giving them away. Question – how much would you pay for one of these? Is it worth opening at Etsy shop? If you’re interested in any of them, lemme know, I’ll consider any offer.

Hello, World.

I feel the need to reintroduce myself. Hello my name is Lauren and I like to write when I’m not doing other things.

Curse those other things. Where was I?
I think it might be time for another popularity report– a little temperature reading on the state of cool since we’ve last spoken….
Things That Have Peaked:
1. Bangs might be over. Lady Gaga has long since moved on to far more bizarre things, but even so I have a hair appointment Friday because well, I have an addiction.
2. Boots. A sure-fire way to tell if something is over is when I have that “oh I think I’m going to break down and finally invest in some” feeling. Because I have, and they are. If you’re going to be a johnny-come-lately like me, at least stay away from anything with a stiletto, go hippy with it and go flat or wedge heel. Soft leather – brown, not black. Grey is a good idea. Wear them with tights in fun fall colors (which is also kinda over, go figure) and you’re at least out of 2008’s black-legging slump.
What’s Next:
1. Almond Extract. Is my absolute favorite smell and for some reason its extremely rare to find it in any bath or body products. I’ve always said if anyone ever made a line of products that smelled like almond, I would buy every. single. thing. Well, it seems brands are catching on. It started out with my soulmate Carol’s Daughter, then Aveeno, now even Yankee Candle. I smell a trend. Further, for scents in general, the more natural ingredient approach is really taking off – scents like lavender and eucalyptus, sandalwood. Down with the fruity nondescript Victoria Secret flavors of yesteryear. Down.
2. Weenies. Over the past two weeks I’ve attended weiner dog races at Sam Houston Racepark AND rode shotgun in the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. Even Vince Young is getting onboard. Weenies are on the rise.
3. Oh God, I take that back.
4. Hipster Weddings. They didn’t exist just…. 20 months ago (yes, I’ve decided my marriage is still a newborn and can be counted obnoxiously in months). But now – EXPLOSION. Do-dads and what-nots and non-pastels and taco trucks and fake mustache party favors. Maybe my eyes have been opened since I discovered Green Wedding Shoes or maybe I just didn’t care enough about weddings previous to my own enough to pay attention, but dear Lord, if weddings today aren’t the ultimate work of marketing/design/creative expression I’m exhausted just thinking about the possibilities.
5. Nautical. Oh, how I love nautical (and I’m NOT talking about boat shoes). I think I’ve forecasted it a million times just hoping for it to spread, but this time it’s for real. Saw it all across the storefronts a few weeks ago – stripes, navy blue, knots, red and white accents. Love. The nineties resurgence is bringing back all that primary color, Piet Mondrien style that’s fun to play with (at least for now).
6. The Nanny on Nick at Night. Because I say so.
7. Bad Replacements for SATC. This involves me confessing to something exceptionally uncool – I watched Cashmere Mafia, The Complete Series on Netflix this week. In all fairness, this constituted precisely seven episodes. This Michael Patrick King/Darren Star wannabe flopped harder than Carrie in that fashion roadkill episode where Dolce & Gabanna make her wear sequined underpants – and don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.
The fact of the matter is that with the SATC finale still fresh in our minds, this poor substitute was offensive to the sense on a number of levels. But with time, the need to fill the SATC void grows. To a starving man, bread is sweeter than honey – and to one deprived of girly, fashionable gluttony, I ate it up. I have this strange suspicion that if the show aired today, it would catch on for this very reason.
Like you haven’t caught yourself watching Gossip Girls at least a couple of times.
8. Brevity. I’ll continue to work on that.

“You have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs”

A little bit of what’s been going on lately… (since I’m currently at home sick and banned from infecting the rest of the team)

Just a little something that’s about to be a huge something Feb. 18 right here in Houston. You don’t have to be a mom or a blogger to appreciate what the amazing speakers and attendees have been doing online, but if you are either or both, I don’t see how you could possibly stand to not be there.
It’s going to be magical.
Where will I be? Behind the scenes, writing, folding, lifting, tying loose ends and having the time of my life- tweeting live from @Mom2Summit and @TheNewMcKechnie and probably a little @MMIHouston, so follow me for my whereabouts and makes sure to say hi!