Petty Cash.

Sometimes it’s hard being Imelda Marcos on a Payless budget.

Sometimes it’s not – and those times must be celebrated and shared.I have for months been lusting over this amazing-smelling candle by Florapathics (hello, middle-age, did I just admit to that? The words of Miranda Hobbs haunt me – “Scented candles have replaced cats as the new sad thing”)

Whatever. Point is that it costs $45 for “Mint Mantra” and I am not completely insane, so browser-window shopping continued painfully for months until I snagged THIS candle at Kroger that smells amazingly close to the real thing for only $8. EIGHT.

Picture 4

My entire apartment smells like a fancy spa and my bank account is zen.


In other news, my cynical self has decided to admit defeat at the hands of Eat, Love, Pray. I blame Julia Roberts. And Florence + The Machine, who are my new personal heroes because their song rocks and because I think they might also be not-so closeted Beetlejuice fans:

Exhibit A: Beetlejuice Beautyqueen/Afterlife Receptionist vs. Florence + The Machine music-video dancer:

1883663_f260 Picture 5

The rest of the music video:

Just the Essentials.

I believe this cartoon (courtesy of my lovely husband) sums up the entirety of my high school experience:


Six years later, I’ve turned trolling the internet into an Olympic sport.┬áIn this time I’ve developed a somewhat coveted and often-asked-for Google Reader blog list.

PR shack family – consider this your Christmas present:

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