Just the Essentials.

I believe this cartoon (courtesy of my lovely husband) sums up the entirety of my high school experience:


Six years later, I’ve turned trolling the internet into an Olympic sport. In this time I’ve developed a somewhat coveted and often-asked-for Google Reader blog list.

PR shack family – consider this your Christmas present:

Design Orgies
Design Sponge
Pink Wallpaper
Green Wedding Shoes
Make Room for Living
Velvet & Linen

Arts & Crafting
Dixie DIY
Color Me Katie
Carol Marine’s Painting-a-Day
Urban Painter William Wray
Knack Studios
Dollar Store Hack

The Sartorialist
The Uniform Project
Clothed Much

Brilliant Funnies
The Bloggess

The Cereal Bowl

Information is Beautiful
Seth Godin

Real Estate
The Real Estalker

Life is Beautiful
Cup of Jo
In(side) the Loop
The Sweet T Family
The Queso
Paw Prints & Pastry Bags

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