Death to Cadmium Yellow

Tonight while I was working on a painting for my friend Emily, Oscar stole a tube of paint, chewed it up, tracked it around and then took a shit on my floor.

Oh, the joys of having a puppy.

So what did I do? Like any seasoned “parent,” I¬†reach for my camera of course.



It only occurred to me upon upload that there must be something really wrong with me if  cleaning up poop becomes fourth priority in such debacles. I laughed, grabbed the camera, had a photoshoot, trapped the dog in the tub, wiped up the paint, THEN clean up the poop. (a smell is temporary but a stain is forever?)


I’m still trying to decide if he did it out of love or hate for yellow, or if he simply saw opportunity in a misplaced and unused tube.

Everyone in this family thinks they’re an artist.