This week my tiny little “he won’t get more than 12 pounds” puppy turned 8 months old and now weighs a whopping 20 pounds.


He went from half to twice the size of Ruby in just a matter of months, so fast that a little internet research has led to a shocking “revelation” – we’re pretty sure he’s an Irish Terrier. At least all except his short, stubby, dachshund legs.

Baby Oscar:

DSC_0044 DSC_0136

A sample of Google image search results for Irish Terrier:

rooster_irish_terrier_02.jpg_w450 MixLakelandIrishTerrierMixDudley 2008052135813_IMG_0708.jpg_w450

I know they breed in terrier with dachshund to get wirehair dachshunds, but seriously? It’s like they took this Irishman and knocked him down to leprechaun height. Like mini me. I’ve had two days to stare at these photos and I still can’t believe it.

Last time I was at the vet I overheard them telling a girl who adopted a shelter mutt that she could send off for a DNA test to see what her dog really was – for about $50. Part of me is tempted to do the same, or else place a prying call to his mama’s owner.

Either way, it’s all very Maury show in my head.