Missoni Madness: Live from my Lunch Break

So after hearing about all the madness and seeing all the cute new items at Target, curiousity overwhelmed me. Here is what to expect at the Target at Highway 6 and 59:

bare shelves:

missoni1 missoni4

sparse clothing racks: Note the “my grandma would wear that” shirt on the left and a “I’m pretty sure I wore that sweater in the 90s” knit on the right – guessing this was all that was left after the raid on cuter things in the AM


Decent selection left in the PJ section, and just 2 more pairs of my favorite shoes (if only I wore a size 11, they would have been mine):

missoni3 missoni6

My favorite part – fully stocked desk accessories and scented candles:


Even with the recent rise in popularity of the chevron,  I’ve never been that big of a Missoni fan. (I have a love for 1960s aesthetic, and a generally disdain for 70s color schemes) While generally underwhelmed by what apparel remained hanging in the women’s department, I was pleasantly surprised to find Missoni’s updated color palettes and Emilio Pucci-esque patterns amongst their office supply/stationary items.

My loot:


2 thoughts on “Missoni Madness: Live from my Lunch Break

  1. Nice haul! I got the grandma shirt – but I’m an old lady, so I think it’s acceptable. Jealous of your stationery loot – Kingwood did not get any. But I love the 6 items I got. Can’t wait to covet yours in an upcoming meeting.


  2. Hahaha, I knew when I was typing that I was going to inadvertently make fun of someone I knew. I’ll suspend further judgment until I see you wear it 😉 For the record, you are not an old lady, and my grandma was kind of a badass. That maroon belt I always wear with the flower/rose clasps on the front? Hers.

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