Depression Glass

While last week the family and I felt the wonderful relief of knowing that Aaron had in fact officially passed the Texas BAR exam, I began to practice a different law – Murphy’s. And of course I fell on my usual fallback – food.

It began with me breaking the lid to one of my more prized possessions Рa pink 1940s depression glass sugar bowl Рand ended with an all-out binge on all things evil, carb-filled and Oreo-cookie-crumb-crusted once the realization hit me that Aaron passing the BAR does not equal instant job + income. In between, I managed to give myself a black eye.

(My first ever – and all I have to say is, thank God my favorite eyeshadow is eggplant purple. Also, I apparently bend down with a mighty force when putting shoes back on my feet. Who knew office chairs were that sturdy?)

Just as I predicted, the death of any good plan begins with digital immortality.

But, as the next weigh-in for Biggest Loser tomorrow morning looms over me, I am going to jinx myself once again by saying that I am not going to let this fall-back stop me. A million times before my all-or-nothing will to do things perfectly or not at all has brought attempts such as these to a screeching hault after just one culinary transgression.

Not this time! I may be back to my original weight tomorrow, but I’ve still got three more weeks to go right? Dust off, keep going.

Dear Lord, help me.

I’m a loser baby

Turns out self-improvement is not a big enough motivator for me. In all the diets I’ve half-assed tried and all the times I’ve said I would start something new, at the end of the day I am reduced to nothing more than someone who responds extremely well to the promise of cold. hard. cash.

(cue my father’s conservative rant about capitalism)

About a week ago (eight days to be ravenously precise) my coworkers started a Biggest Loser contest. Five weeks, whoever loses the highest percentage of body weight wins. Buy in was $50, and the pot is $450. Winner takes all.

So far I’ve lost a whopping 4.6 pounds. Yes, greed (and lust for these otherwise unaffordable boots) is a powerful motivator.

My system:

  • Enjoy absolutely everything I eat. AKA, don’t eat things I don’t like just because they are “healthy”. Find alternatives.
  • Limit carbs and sugar as much as possible (although not entirely)
  • Complete embargo on baked goods
  • Stay around 1,200 calories a day (extremely easy to track thanks to the “Lose It!” iPhone app)
  • Lift weights 3 times a week with Aaron
  • Attempt sporadic acts of fitness whenever possible (my commitment to a jogging regime has yet to materialize)

So far, so good. I definitely have had my moments already – including an extremely vivid dream about drinking chocolate milk out of a carton beside an open fridge door – but generally, things have been going well. I’m really liking the philosophy of enjoying everything I eat. It’s already lead to some pretty incredible meals.

A generous sampling:

My breakfast of choice. I love apple butter, and the slivered almonds make it feel a little like eating a danish. Whole thing is only about 130 calories.


Pacific salad roll from Whole Foods. Extremely delicious.


Vegetarian sandwich recipe I found on Pinterest – way good.


Revised lox and bagel for lunch. Triple health English muffin, unflavored Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese. Also pictured (but sadly not as delicious) is green gazpacho from Whole Foods.


Really great rosemary chicken recipe, that I cannot for the life of me find now.


Recipe Aaron found for one fantastic salad. Grilled Flank Steak Salad with Roasted Tomatoes & Blue Cheese (substituted feta).


So yeah, that’s what happening. Hopefully this will be the start of something good. Usually these sunny optimistic blog posts about self-improvement are the harbinger of the end, despite the conventional advice that putting something in writing makes you more likely to see it through.

More food pictures to come?

In the meantime, check out recipes, motivation, etc. on my Biggest Loser Pinterest board.