None of the Above at LOFT

Remember how I was trying to decide between two new bracelet designs at LOFT? Well, sadly, I was right (just not in the way I expected). The choice was clear one they arrived – neither.

Let me start by saying I do have disproportionately small wrists (perhaps made more proportionate by a healthier lifestyle) so I don’t fault LOFT for the fact that both bracelets where significantly larger than expected and didn’t fit. (The main accent/feature on each hung over both sides of my wrist, and the bracelet slid halfway to my elbow.)

THE GREEN – It’s very rare I feel like channeling Elizabeth Taylor when I dress, so the green one (you were right, Erin) was a little over the top for any occasion I would ever wear it to.

THE BLUE – I actually really liked the front design – the pave stones looked impressively luxe considering the price point.  However, turning it sideways revealed two stones missing from the band.

Really, LOFT?

Considering this comes on the cusp of dealing with their customer service a total of four times in the past month because 1. my gift card got locked out when an error in their website occurred 2. they sent me the wrong scarf and the necklace I ordered was, again much different in person and looked like I was wearing Jacob Marley’s chains in A Christmas Carol. 3. they sent me the wrong scarf AGAIN… I was not pleased.

Now, I absolutely love LOFT, and in general have had good experiences. And I do really appreciate all of their sales and price points for those of us who are young-ish in our career and looking for reasonably priced ways to look professional. I just wish I didn’t have to spend so much of my $50 gift card present shipping back and forth items that were not okay.

Guess I’ll be seeing you again when I’m back in Houston next week…


I think I read somewhere that dreaming about your teeth falling out (besides being a remarkably common dream) means you’re dealing with change. Whatever emotion you exhibit in the dream is supposed to reflect the emotion you feel towards that change.

Last night I dreamed an entire chunk of my back upper teeth fell out, attached to the gums and everything, like a half of a denture. After that, I was able to pry off basically the entire inner cavity of my mouth to reveal “new” real teeth that were ugly and had a gap that made me lisp when speaking and whistle through the hole. I was running around screaming and crying attempting to find a dentist but no one in the dream cared or seemed to notice.

Hello, I’m insane.

And/or profoundly traumatized by chipping my front tooth last week. That could be it. It’s a really tiny chip, but it reeks of my own mortality and every time I run my tongue across the unsmooth edge, incapable of stopping the perfunctory action, I feel just a little bit uglier.

Turning “Pinteresting” into a Real Verb

So I picked up this great idea from my friend Ivy’s blog about taking one thing you’ve pinned each week and actually doing it (rather than adding it to the black hole of crafting and cooking bucket list).

This comes courtesy of a blog called I Love You More Than Carrots,which I actually rather enjoy despite the fact that carrots are probably my least favorite vegetable (fun fact) and loving someone more than them is really not saying much.

(Really the blog has nothing to do with carrots)

Anyhow, there’s nothing I love more than a challenge… that I already have a head-start on.

Previous Pinterest Projects:

This weekend’s project that qualifies for Pinterest Project Mondays:

****************************LOVE Letters***************************

Inspiration Pin:


Some Tips:

  • Go to Hobby Lobby. They have the cardboard 3D letters everyone uses for $2.47 each.
  • Buy thick yarn. The tighter you wrap it, the smaller the yarn gets. I would say each letter took me about 45 minutes, but could have been much faster if my yarn was thicker. (Note: Who the heck knew Vanna White sells yarn in addition to turning letters?)
  • Be prepared for leftover yarn. A LOT of it. You could probably do four letters or more on one bundle? package? whatever.
  • DON’T super glue the yarn. It bleaches it and doesn’t really even stick once dry. It ain’t pretty.
  • Hot glue does work rather nicely, but just don’t go overboard.
  • THINK before you start wrapping the yarn. There are lots of corners to cover, and the last thing you want is to finish the thing and realize there’s still a chunk of the letter that doesn’t have yarn (see picture 3 as an example of a quick fix I had to do on the top left of the “E” from my poor planning.)
  • Glue yarn to edges when you start and finish wrapping each side. You’re going to wrap the yarn one way, then the other, and no matter how many times you wrap it, there will still be that little corner edge of cardboard, unless you glue.

The Most Important Thing You’ll Do All Day

UPDATE: Way to go awesome people who voted. None of you helped, lol. I ended up buying both and putting off the decision until I get them in the mail. Perhaps in person it will be obvious?


I promise.

Today, everything on is 40%. Hello, defcon 5. I have a $50 gift card burning a hole in my pocket, and I’ve already decide on this:

But for the other half, I’m having a Sophie’s Choice moment where I’m currently attempting to decide between these two bracelets.


Blue or green. Cast your vote in the comments. On the double.


I’m a huge dork. And this is how my brain works.

Also, yes, that is four levels deep. And just like the movie, at that level, there really is no return. You try prying a hot dog out of Oscar’s mouth.

All You Need is L-O-V-E.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably sensed by now that I am a bit of a craft project junkie.

A craft project junkie operating under the philosophy that you don’t have to be good at something, you just have to try.

The latest:

So far I’m 1/4 of the way through and the only thing I’ve managed to do wrong is accidentally super glue my pants to my leg, bleach a portion of the yarn with said glue, and not think completely through how I’m going to get yarn on the corners of the letters (hence all that overuse of glue). For the record, super glue does not work on everything. One of those things is yarn.

See? My blog is totally educational.

I’d call it a success.


Three cheers for women bloggers and authors of Houston!

A couple of years ago now, I was blessed to meet a group of amazing ladies from my hometown who are just a tad (okay, lightyears) ahead of me on the path to very similar dreams. They’ve spoken on just about everything just about everywhere, published books upon books upon books upon books, they’ve been on CNN and Oprah. Their successes and words (no matter how uncouth – perhaps because of it) give me hope and courage to make my own.

One of them (who really is responsible for introducing me to all the others) today blogged about joining two more for a taping of the new Katie (Couric, that is – not Perry 😉 ) show:

There’s nothing cooler than being able to see someone on TV and say “I know them!” (as long as its not on COPS or The First 48 or anything). So I can’t resist…

I know her!

Tune in at 4 pm to watch the awesomeness sure to ensue!

Playing with Fire

Lately I’ve been lusting over liquor/wine bottles turned planters/vases/drinking glasses. Like these…

However, they’ve always seemed a little overpriced for something for which I regularly dispose of the raw materials it takes to make. Which got me thinking down a dangerous, dangerous DIY path.

Glass cutting? Why not.

After a little research, I found this fantastic video (the slightly kooky host makes it that much better) that makes me think I might just could make this work.

Only thing I need is a glass cutter, which doesn’t seem to be quite as expensive as what he mentions in the video.

The downside? I’m an amateur crafter at best, and incredibly accident prone. You should see the messes I make when it’s just paint involved. Something about potentially exploding and/or shattering glass just sounds like trouble…


I feel loved. Since yesterday, cards have been trickling in the mail from all my loved ones – so many that it began to feel a little like Christmas in September, which got me thinking… why not display the cuteness like I do at Christmas?

27 things I’m still learning.

Today is my 27th birthday. A decade ago I was 17. In 3 years I’ll be 30. You’d think I’d grown wiser, sometimes it feels like I’ve only grown fatter. Based on the declining ID checks, I suppose older too. Still, it’s hard not to succumb to the Dunning-Kruger effect and feel the older you get the less you really know what the hell you’re doing (to paraphrase).

So I thought, rather than try to list out all those things 27 years of life have supposedly taught me, here are the things I still have yet to learn that still make me oh-so green:

1. How to keep learning. It’s so, so easy to get stuck in the comfort of a routine of things you feel like you’ve mastered. Step outside, and oh yeah, there’s that landmine.

2. How to make a new habit. For the love of Jesus Christ I still have yet to grasp the concept that doing something a little each day (like dieting or exercising) makes a difference. My brain sees all or nothing – success or failure. It’s the only area of my life that’s not shades of gray when it actually should be.

3. How to truly be a good friend. Friendships mature the same way relationships with significant others do. It always starts out as having fun together and common interests and lots of time to spend with each other, but to make it through the longhall you really have to make the commitment to keep connected, to add that ounce of selfless love and not just be in the relationship for what’s in it for you.

4. That confidence (even unfounded) is not a bad thing. I could stand to be a little bolder with my life.

5. That garbage disposals aren’t as hearty as you might expect.

6. That now is not the time to panic. When you graduate from college the year the economy takes a dive, you start to clue in to the true disaster that is modern society. Watch the news enough, you’d think we were constantly on the verge of anarchy. It’s hard not to worry for the future and instead remind myself that things have been this shitty many times before, I was just too young (or unborn) to realize it.

7. That to know something intimately is to see its dysfunction. Nothing is perfect. There is no such thing as The Ideal Situation.

8. Just how much people skills matter to be successful in business.

9. Just how much introspection matters to be successful in life.

10. Just how few things in life are worth going into debt for.

11. How to mingle.

12. How to cook well.

13.  How to speak Spanish fluently. I totalled it up once – 3 classes in elementary school, 3 in middle, 4 in high and 3 in college (including 6 weeks in Spain!) and I still cannot speak it. You’d think someone with a certain degree of literary aptitude would be able to learn languages better than the average person. Wrong. You would be wrong.

14. How to not forget some essential object from my purse. Have you ever spent an hour filling a cart with groceries only to have to give it to someone to restock because you forgot your wallet? I have.

15. How to not overanalyze others’ actions and words.

16. How to not take it personally. See above.

17. Football.

18. How to sew.

19. How to play chess. 

20. How to whistle. 

21. How to remember names. Or rather, how to actually listen to people introduce themselves and not only pay attention to my inner monologue that tells me not to be awkward. If I shake your hand, I will forget your name the second it leaves your lips, but I will remember your face forever. I am excellent at remembering faces. In the world of PR, this often presents a problem.

22. How to not be awkward. Although I’ve come a long way over the years, I still have my moments.

23.  How to not hit curbs. My next car should really be a truck.

24. How to not be completely freaked out by raw chicken.

25. How to be an adult child. The transition between being your parents’ kid who must do as told and being an independent adult who loves your parents but stands firm on their own decisions is a tough one.

26. How to pick a wine. What I know? Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio = good, Riesling = way too sweet, Zinfandel = just plain wrong. Beyond that, you got me.

27.  How to live in the moment. Hello, 27. Let’s do this.

I Heart NY

It’s amazing to me that something that happened in my lifetime will (hopefully) very soon have its own museum.

I would very much like to see it when it opens, but aside from that (and in honor of the big apple on this important day) here are a few of the things I would like to go back to visit and experience:

  • Christmas. In Central Park. In general.
  • MoMA
  • Cafe Habana. For the corn on the cob I can’t stop obsessing over.
  • Williamsburg to visit my dear friend Becca, so that we can…
  • Eat, eat and eat some more.
  • Times Square. Solely for a romp around the toy stores.
  • Little Italy. Little everything.
  • Grand Central for photos and meandering among the bakery and deli counters
  • The shopping. The shopping. The shopping.

Time has its own top 10. What’s your New York must-see/do/eat list?

Living In: Breaking Bad

One of my favorite blogs, Design Sponge, does a series called “Living In” that features a movie-themed design/fashion boards. Sadly, they’ve not yet picked up my latest obsession (goodbye Netflix marathon, hello Season 5) so I thought I’d do my own:

Sources: Winnebago art, Laboratory Beaker Mug, “Hector Salamanca” bell art, Pendleton Wool Laptop Sleeve, Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt, New Mexico art print,  Wooly Walter White

Also found this great compilation from, in case you’re thinking of shaving your head for Halloween: