Hidden Halloween Dangers: Kate Spade + Longhorn Love

So of course my favorite I-can-never-afford-this brand, which I masochistically signed up to receive email alerts from, is featuring an “all things orange” boutique today in honor of candy fest 2012. Doubley dangerous because orange is really a hot color these days (at least for me) and also because a lot of the accessories they’re featuring are more of an orange hue that borders on burnt:

On the same champagne-taste-on-a-beer-budget boat? (Told you I love alliteration) Here’s some orangey goodness that will only cost you a pack or so of Cuties:

Chocolove Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate, $2.99 at World Market, Stingray Arrow Drop Earrings, $48 at Anthropologie, Women’s Cali Slippers, $24.99 at Target, Women’s Ziz Fish Rain Boot, $29.99 at Target, Geneva Platinum 9560 Women’s Studded Wrap-around Watch, $34.99 on Amazon, and Orange and Yellow Rothko Print, $12.99 on Art.com.

…and of course while I was searching for inexpensive goodies, I came across a few lust-worthy “aspirational” pieces I couldn’t help but share:

 Andy Warhol Andy144 The Fifteens Mens Watch, $170 on Amazon, Jack Spade Warren Street Dipped Industrial Canvas bag, $112.99 (on sale!) on Zappos.com, “A Continuous Lean”  New York Umbrella, £165.00 at London Undercover and Andy Warhol Andy024 Watch, $180 on Shopping.com.

Call me Florence Broadhurst

Design Sponge recently did an inspiration board based on style icon Florence Braodhurst and strangely, it started to look a lot like some of the things I’ve been acquiring lately…



Guess whenever you think you’re ahead of the style curve, you’re really just following behind someone else who paved the way.

Out with the old, in with the old.

Whether through some sort of shopping karma or a surge towards a natural state of equilibrium, within 24 hours of impulse buying a vintage rotary phone on Fab.com that matches my blog design to the T,  my I-dare-you-to-buy-it, definitely-not-priced-to-go vintage Girl Scout camera sold on Etsy.

A moment of silence for the dearly departed:

And welcome, to my newest shiny object:

Down wit’ JCP (yeah you know me)

One of the greatest weapons of a bargain hunter is window shopping the expensive brands (without indulging) enough to know when you see a decent spinoff.

As such, JC Penney is totally blowing my mind these days. They added a CEO from Apple who’s now managing marketing, they’ve added MNG by Mango and they seem to be for the first time, on pace with Target in terms of keeping their clothing current. Here were about five things I wanted to buy that my $25 gift card did not cover:

Chambray for cheap – Liz Claiborne Long Sleeve Denim Shirt,

Polka Dot Trousers ala Kate Spade – Worthington Pintuck Ankle-Length Pants, $14 on clearance

Worthington Sleeveless Keyhole Blouse, $16

Worthington skirt (not on website)

Worthington Tweed Moto Jacket, $40

And the dress I finally decided on:

Plaid Cowl-Neck Ponte Dress, $35

Which my dad pointed out looked extremely similar to something my grandma once wore – which I consider the highest compliment.

Unarmed and Dangerous

For the past month, Aaron and I have been taking a Citizen’s Police Academy course once a week that teaches us all the functions of the department. So far we’ve had classes discussing weapons of the trade (batons, tasers, pepper spray), the K-9 unit, child abuse (not the most fun week) and motorcycle copping (I’m sure that’s the professional term). Best part? Getting to do this:

And also hold the object of oh-so much hate – the speed laser gun:

In December we’ll have a graduation ceremony where we will be given the authority to do absolutely nothing. But we will be able to become members of the alumni association, whose job is pretty much to raise money for the police department – a PR coupe I can appreciate.

More fun stuff:

K-9 attack demonstration

motorcycle agility demonstration

Gen Why

Sometimes it’s exhausting being part of a culture that is constantly reflecting on itself.

The plight of the wannabe writer is the general notion that to jump in the mix and put something out into the word is to be washed over completely by the sheer volume of rumination, words, tweets, photos, Kardashians, whatever.

I miss substance. I lust for the ability to simply do for the sake of doing without any documentation online or otherwise.

Everything these days seems a pin of a pin of a pin (this generation’s copy of a copy of a copy)  – a function of a website founded on the idea that original sources of content should be readily accessible to viewers, but in practice the mission is never realized. Even when you get there – to the blog or destination from whence the snippet of life came, they are not the ones having the real experience.

Both they and we spend our time cataloguing vacations we will never go on, crafts we will never do, recipe we never plan to prepare, outfits we will never afford. We are digital hoarders masquerading as curators.

Does the fact that technology is constantly shrinking our world actually open us up to possibility? Or does it only show us what we can’t have in a way that sends us into constantly dreaming of something else rather than appreciating what we have?

I would argue that the idea of a bucket list – especially in regards to travel – becomes that much more compelling a proposition. To experience something in person, without a screen is becoming the rarity, not the standard.

To live and breath and actually see the world is more extraordinary than ever.

Political Fashion Statement

I know it’s much delayed, but I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t share these photos:

I have to say I am a rather ambivalent voter (especially this go-around), but really, Republicans?

A Budweiser box hat? (Which is no longer American owned by the way, Mr. Awesome)

This is why fanatics are so dangerous. Interesting how a cause’s most fervent followers often alienate others from adhering to their viewpoint.

Where’s Meghan McCain when you need her?

Like the election, I’m still undecided on that gold elephant head belt. Is it so bad it’s fabulous? What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do?

All Hallow’s Eve

Don’t you hate how media has the ability to incept ideas and desires you thought were your own? (I suppose from a professional standpoint, I should be happy about this.)

For the last two months or so, I have been consumed with the idea of lining my front steps (something I’ve never had before) with fall flowers and pumpkins.

The end result:

Turns out, I did not conceive of this independently but have been fed it subliminally ala Josie and the Pussycats (the movie – which I have definitely not seen at least 4 times).

Behold – at the grocery store:

On Pinterest:


Other fall festivities going on around the house that cannot be blamed on brainwashing, no matter how embarrassing included dressing the dogs up as themselves for Halloween:

Oscar – the cowardly lion

Ruby – pure evil

And of course the consuming of as many pumpkin-flavored baked goods as humanly possible:


The Hot Zone

I’ve been on 16 airplanes in the last six weeks and gotten sick twice.

How’s that for an excuse for not blogging? (To curb my exaggeration, that’s 4 round trips – 1 connection each way). Regardless, all that waiting in line for body scans with my shoes off has given me time to get down a routine and invest in some travel style-ocity.

If you’re going to clock some hours breathing recycled air, you might as well look hot too.

Travel Style Inspiration: Neons and Neutrals

How to get it:

Merona Sweater from Target, Necklace from SpikeThePunch on Etsy, D&G watch, Skull Candy D&G aviator headphones, Prada leopard smoking slippers (one can dream) and Cremieux carry-on suitcase from Dillard’s.

And it doesn’t really match, but I just have to show it. Totally obsessed with the inside of my new suitcase:

Yes, that’s how I make big purchases – entirely based on form, not function. Although I was smart enough to know four wheels good, two wheels bad when it comes to suitcases.

Hometown Glory

I’ve been on a mini blogging hiatus due to my not-so mini business trip to Houston. I promise more blogging when I get my bearings… in the meantime, some photos I took from the plane of my old hometown and my new one. (How appropriate that one was taken at the end of a day, and the next at the beginning?)

Round my hometown, memories are fresh

Round my hometown, the people I’ve met

Are the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my world

Are the wonders of this world, are the wonders of my world