For Him

For the record, I’m not the only one in this family with a purse obsession.Okay, they’re not purses, but in the form of an SAT prep question (circa 2001 since I know they don’t do them this way anymore):

Lauren:Kate Spade::the hubs: Saddleback Leather Co.

And right now, this local, San Antonio, TX-based awesome company is giving away entire cows worth of leather for Christmas. Specifically, these cows:


One winner is chosen every week based on how many clicks their custom URL receives, so please, please please please PLEASE, click this link and tell your friends to click this link so I can try to win them for my husband: 

For Her

Then maybe get some more cuteness for myself? 😉


For You

Also, for your efforts, a gift. Leave a comment telling me what you want for Christmas for a chance to win a $10 Pottery Barn gift card (I’ll choose a winner at random, announce on Monday, and email you the code number for redeeming it online.)


Are we there yet?

Let the record show that there are no less than 37 eggs in my refrigerator.

Literally. Thirty-seven. Not an exaggeration. One left in a pack of 18 plus two new 18 packs. Why? Because when two crazy people get married, and those same two crazy people decide to host and cook Thanksgiving for the first time ever for their family, things like this seems logical.

We’ve been to the grocery store three times in the past week, bought decorations and serving bowls, put up every piece of Christmas decor we own out, cleaned every inch of the house, mowed the front and back yards, attempted excessive yard watering in the past two days to revive said pretty-much-dead yard, and crafted.

Oh God, the crafting. Tonight I made a bow for a tree topper (now I know why those things cost so much pre-made) and finished my wreath project:

This morning my dad texted me at 6:45 am to tell me to “keep the Thanksgiving meal simple and don’t kill yourself.”

Clearly he knows me too well/doesn’t know me at all.


Head on Straight

Today, they’re selling these on Gilt Groupe:

The scariest part? Most of them are sold out.

Things like this and Rich Kids of Instagram make me a little horrified by humanity. It gives me a little relief to know that I am who I am and my parents raised me to have certain values, but at the same time I just know that as I point the finger, someone else is pointing it at me. Kind of like politics – demonizing the rich lulls us into a sense of complacency for our own greedy misdeeds in the battle of self vs. the greater good. Or (wait for the worst sentence ever) like when I watch the show about Brookhaven Obesity Clinic on Discovery Health and think “well at least I’m not there yet” as I slam down a row of Oreos.

Sometimes I have to remind myself (or God does it for me) that judging others is only a distraction from working on making yourself a better person.

Sometimes humble pie ends up on the menu for Thanksgiving, whether you order it or not.

Christmas Cheer

It may be a bit preemptive, but today Aaron around and I Christa-ma-fied the house. Or at least the living room. It took a bit of doing considering the color schemes of most rooms of our house are not holiday color-friendly.

Some before and afters:

And some more  pre-Thanksgiving fun:


Pet Store Employee (PSE): You have to answer yes or no, then swipe your credit card again.

me: Oh, yeah, forgot.

PSE: (noticing I’ve selected “no”) You know they could just say “Would you like to donate to the animal shelter?” but instead they say “Would you like to save a homeless pet?” I like that.

me: Yes, I’m sure that was intentional. (trying to leave, with or without my receipt)

PSE: I mean, yeah, (neighboring county) has it worse. Well, we’re both over capacity, but at least ours aren’t starving like they are in (neighboring county).

I’m pretty sure at this point Aaron dragged away my stupified self before I had a chance to respond and we went back to the car. He claims people that work at pet stores are just awkward and sometimes their small talk is off. I’m pretty sure I just got shamed for spending $50 feeding my own dogs while others are out in the cold – unadopted, starving and just a county line away.

I may never live this down.


Frost is on the ground.

Christmas music is totally justified.

Also, it’s real, true, authentic autumn in my neighborhood – something I never experienced living in the tropics Houston, so I’ve been “stealing” things from the park by my house to make decorations. I’m pretty sure the neighbors think I’m insane.

Shout out to my hubs for tolerating conversations (mostly with myself) about how lucky we were to find the “good” acorns, and what the difference was.

Showered in Love

So happy to say my sister’s wedding shower went wonderfully this weekend! A super huge thank you to the wonderful Meeker family and Christine Meeker Studio for letting us use the studio, Meredith Staggers for making all the amazing decorations, and Amanda, Jessica and Chelsey for allowing me to channel Blaire Waldorf and refer to them as “my minions” for 48 hours.

It was a whirlwind, and you are all amazing people for putting up with me.

Here’s just a small sample of the 100+ photos I took – decorations below, the rest of the family photos will be uploaded to Facebook soon. As far as food photos, it must have been good because by the time I got to it with my camera, there was none left…



Pin-tastic: Backlit Canvas

Welcome to part 2 of my terribly defunct series on turning Pinteresting into a real verb. (Thanks I Love You More Than Carrots for the idea!)

The Inspiration:

The supplies:

  • Crylon “Catalina Mist” spray paint
  • 36 x 48 canvas (with 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby)
  • Vinyl wall decals from Etsy – this shop provided me a custom size at reduced rate (since it was smaller than the design they listed)
  • IKEA “Dioder” 4-piece LED light strip set – white

The execution:

If there is a good way to apply vinyl decals, I haven’t figured it out. In general, putting the big pieces on first before the the small details worked well, but many of the larger pieces liked to curl and stick to themselves in a way that almost made them impossible to apply. One option is to have someone hold the transfer sheet of stickers above the canvas while you peel off part by part of the same giant sticker so that the whole thing isn’t off the paper and unwieldy, but even that is not ideal because it makes it hard to see where you’re placing the design.

I still have yet to install the lights on the back so that the white unpainted portion shows through at night, but I liked the idea of using a colored paint so it was pretty during the day too…

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Okay, so it looks nothing like Christmas (unless you count my work-from-home crazy pajama outfits) but I am oh-so aching for some holiday cheer.  A desire I’ve been channeling into some Etsy-window shopping.

The pin that launched a thousand daydreams.

my crazy self and my crazy Christmas pajamas with my conference call headgear.

Behold, the fruits of my labor procrastination.

Amethyst Stalactite Druzy Necklace, Rudolph the Red Nose Dachshund cards, Winter Walk- Open Edition Print,Vintage 1950’s Metal Picnic Basket, Jadeite mugs, Aromatics Culinary herbs bilingual print, Cross-stitch necklace, Burlap tablecloth with pleated linen ruffle and Druzy teardrop studs in dark charcoal grey.