A Real Wiener

For all those nay-sayers out there, this Thanksgiving I witnessed proof Oscar is in fact, a traditional, standard wirehair dachshund.

The dude:



And his long lost brother, at the National Dog Show: (he made semifinals!!)





…all Oscar needs is a good hair cut!

Design Inspiration: Chelsey’s House

My sister and her roommates have the absolute cutest little house. It’s the pinnacle of eclectic – different colors, patterns, textures – antiques mixed with elements of nature – all blended to something that reminds me a little of Monica’s apartment on Friends, and  a lot of my sister’s beautiful yet laid-back, fun, creative sense of style.


antique sewing table, retro garland backsplash, chalkboard, beta fish tanks with quartz, hurricane candles…


…letter magnets spray-painted gold for a different look, rock magnets, picture frames with thread embellishment….


One-of-a-kind thrift store lamp, burlap curtains, globe, perfectly mismatched couches and throw pillows…


Succulents in tea cups, mason jars and up-cycled aluminum cans…


pressed flowers in glass, backed by sunlight



empty spice jars filled with dried flowers


old suitcases-turned side table for displaying metal tins, more plants…


…and a matching coffee table centerpiece stacked on a slice of pine.

Week of Wonderful

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 12.18.17 PM

If Macy’s can have one, so can I.

I have an entire glorious week off of work, and I am going to spend it blogging and crafting and scrapbooking and eating and doing completely useless things.

So to kick it off, here are some of the blog posts I meant to write, oh, forever ago and didn’t.

Starting with showing off my latest painting:

DSC_0794More to come!



…has been one hell of a year.

I began it with a business trip to snowy Maine and am currently spending its final days SNOWED IN TO MY HOUSE (not in Maine). I could have never imagined it would begin and end like this, and when Aaron graduated law school in May 2011 I certainly never anticipated everything that happened in between.

Some milestones:

  • Spent the first six months of 2012 living with my parents, being broke
  • I traveled to Maine for the first time ever, marking the 15th state I’ve visited, and first time to see real, true, substantial snow
  • One of my dearest friends had the cutest baby ever
  • Received a two-level promotion at work to Account Executive
  • Witnessed the marriage of two of the most amazing, wonderful couples I know
  • My husband ended his nine month job search with a 375-mile relocation to North Texas
  • Moved for the sixth time in our four years of marriage to our first “real” (rental) house with a very delightfully real backyard for the dogs
  • I transitioned to working from home (keeping my job) in a town where I knew (and still pretty much know) absolutely no one
  • I traveled so much for work I made it to American Airline’s Gold status in less than six months
  • Threw my sister a wedding shower for her wedding that will certainly start 2013 off with blessings and joy
  • Experienced real, true snow on Christmas Day in my own home – five inches of it!
  • Ending the year where I started it – cold, covered in snow and broke again 😉

Most importantly, the world didn’t end. There were lots of times over the past year where I felt like it was going to, but whether I kept faith or just kept trudging through it, I’ve made it to the other side of something I had begun to think would never pass.

Maybe now that the Mayan calendar has restarted, so can mine. Looking back and 2012, I was given so many blessings – I’d like 2013 to be a year I recognize them as they’re happening. I’d also like 2013 to be the year that I start fighting my own demons instead of battling the world. (Maybe tackle my addiction to sugar and carbs and impulse-buying?)

Sounds more like a revolution than a resolution, but maybe there is hope I move from treading water to really swimming.

The Difference

18 years old: I hope I’m not accidentally pregnant this month because I’m pretty sure I’d have to journey to Bethlehem to deliver.

22 years old: I hope I’m not accidentally pregnant this month because I don’t really like kids and I’m so not ready for this and broke and too young and the TLC show “Baby Story” still scares the living sh*t out of me.

27 years old: I hope I’m not accidentally pregnant this month because I just bought two really good bottles of Chardonnay and that would suck.

For the record, we’re not trying/expecting anything. These are just the thoughts that run through my head as I PMS and eat way too much chocolate and every single person ever on Facebook announces pregnancy/has a baby/shares their 8 zillionth picture of junior loving Elf on a Shelf. You’re welcome.

Also, for the record, “Baby Story” still scares the living sh*t out of me.

And the winner is…

photo (38)

Congrats, girl! Happy shopping at Pottery Barn!


For the record, I used an extremely professional process for determining the winner, in which I mixed up the names/sheets of paper, then tossed them in the air and whichever one landed closest to me was it.

Thanks Suzy and Sarah for leaving your comments! I have a feeling this giveaway won’t be my last…


Wrap Artist

I’m terrible at wrapping presents.

The whole process takes way more attention to detail than I care to give, and I can never manage to get the paper aligned just so. Enter butcher paper. Super cheap (I’ve been using the same roll to wrap everything for three years now) super easy, a blank slate for all other decorations, and instant rustic feel that matches everything else I have going on for the holidays. It also gives you space (and dollars back) to be extra creative with the bows and buy the more pricey ribbon, which has much more appeal to me anyway.

My handiwork this afternoon:





After a good amount of Googling, blog-stalking and Pinteresting, I found a few other inexpensive standout ideas. (Click the images for links back to their original sources)

Pine and Twine:


Replacing bows with multilayer yarn designs:


Matching burlap with richer materials like silk ribbon and ornaments:


Using old sheet music (if Christmas music, even better) as gift wrap:

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 11.39.50 AM

Yarn pom poms instead of bows:


Going old school with cutout snowflakes:


Doilies and stamps:


The expensive versions:

Christmas wrapping 1

Pine and rustic ribbon with old photographs:


Expert level yarn designs (anyone else remember how to do Jacob’s Ladder?):


Not-so holiday themed but oh-so fun rainbowed yarn: