Obsession #3,642

Antique Singer sewing tables.

Need one, must buy one, can’t live without out one. Mostly for the intricate wrought-iron bases. Love the idea of pairing it with some beautiful antique wood – kind of like below, although I’m not crazy about the asymmetry:


One of my absolute favorite iterations of the concept (anyone got a spare $500?):



and of course, the classic, original:




What is it that gets you in in-between places in Lord of Harry Potter whatever? Gremlins? (Help me out, Chelsey?)

One of the worst thing in life, in a “this paper cut sort of hurts but is mostly just annoying because I can’t forget it’s there” kind of worst is cinematic limbo.

I’m talking about the situation in which you’re too broke to go to the actual movie theatre, but you’ve been there enough times recently that you’ve seen absolutely everything on Netflix/On-Demand/Redbox and thus the world is devoid of cheap, lazy entertainment.

The only solution (besides breaking down to spend an astronomical $10 a ticket on the matinee) is to wait it out. Get through the in-between until everything remotely interesting goes from theatre to blue ray  (or for the late adopters like me, DVD).

The good news? I’ve recently crossed the great divide and thus the world (of rental) is my oyster. This weekend, I watched The Five Year Engagement and Pitch Perfect – which I am now slightly obsessed with.


Mostly due to this scene (insert joke from my husband here about it containing to naked women in a shower) – where Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow harmonize to Titanium:

The rest of my list of haven’t-seen-but-must-sees is pretty long, so I’m asking for help – are there any below that you absolutely loved? Absolutely hated? Kinda not really worth seeing? I need to do some prioritizing here! 😉

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Words

Rock of Ages


Moonrise Kingdom

Magic Mike (don’t judge me)

And the ones I’ll be waiting to go to rental for quite some time, I imagine:

Les Miserables

The Hobbit


This is 40


The Guilt Trip

Cubic Zirconiums in the Rough

I wrote this sentence about three times before finally giving up because everything just sounded way too creepy/suggestive.

Oh well, here goes.

I like spending time on Craigslist.

I love the idea that I can find some antique, old, beautiful, unique or undervalued and turn it into a project. Although I don’t live close enough to force my husband to drive to random places to pick up retro furniture, I can’t help but search the Houston page every once in a while for gems. Feels wrong to let them go unrecognized.

So, for my Houston friends:

Antique Telephone Pole Glass Electrical Insulators lot. of 24, $100



Antique School Desk, $60


Vintage GE General Electric Oscillating Fan, $85



Antique Singer Sewing Machine and Table, Best Offer


and last but certainly not least…

1990s Barbie Mansion, $100



From National Anthem to American Horror Story

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to connect the dots – especially since Sarah Paulson’s character is even named Lana.


She’s like the missing link in the whole Lana Del Rey genome project, which for some time (in my opinion) has included Julia Roberts, cerca Pretty Woman.


Apparently I’m not the first one to think of this, but sometimes I wonder if I’m one of the few to make these connections simply for the fact that I consume art and media in such a bizarre way. Who else loves avante-garde 60s influenced music about video games, disgusting, disturbing horror shows and 80s rom-coms about a hooker, all at the same time?

If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best

fivethingsFINAL2 copy

One of my favorite blogs filled with complete fashion eye-candy, Cupcakes & Cashmere, has a little series called “Five Things” about things the author is currently in love with, experiencing, etc.

Even though my life is a little more like Box Mix & Rayon these days, I’ve decided to steal a page and embrace the (only slightly cheaper) things in life that give me joy.

Without further ado, installment numero uno:



1. Peonies. This is coincidentally also something I stole. As you are all well aware (since I talked about it nonstop) my sister’s wedding was last weekend. Well, as luck would have it, every florist in town was out of peonies. Something about bad weather, failed crops and I’m sure their sudden resurgence in popularity since Blair Waldorf couldn’t tie the knot with Chuck Bass without them. Anyhow, my sister picked a good one. After accepting the disappointment and moving on rather graciously, my sis arrived to the church on the big day to find a card and three pink peonies waiting for her from her betrothed. Since she left for her honeymoon sans-flora, I adopted them and stole the back to my rental house. (No sense in letting good flowers go to waste?)

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 5.07.40 PM

2. Mukluks. I got them for Christmas, and they are awesome, and look so ridiculous on me (especially with the tassles) that every time I put them on I cannot resist a dance I made up just for the occasion. For reference, it’s incredibly similar to The Carlton. (Want some ‘luks of your own? These are cute + on sale)



3. Puppy Snugs. Because everyone should be so lucky as to go through life with a needy, overly shaggy dog.


4. Barb Blair, her flawless furniture and her graciously liberal trade-secret-revealing tutorial series on Design Sponge.




5. Plants that are impossible to kill. My little collection of bamboo and succulents are the only things that keep on trucking, with or  (mostly) without my green thumb. To add to it, my sister gave me the coolest Christmas present – a homemade succulent terrarium. I’m in love.