She’s Got the Knack

There are a lot of people out there taking old furniture and giving it a paint makeover (including myself from time to time.) I find inspiration can come from anywhere:


The Best of Etsy

Normally I’m not a big fan of the super heavy ornate pieces redone, but this one works. Perfect color.


Proof you don’t have to cover all the wood to make something look new. Loving the stain on this thing.

Perfect buttery yellow.

Damn fine ombre on a simple, otherwise uninteresting piece.


Bamboo-style dresser. Hard to find, even hard to keep it looking clean and modern – but oh so beautiful when you do.


Love when the chosen paint color is appropriate for the style and time period of the piece.



Part 3: The Best of the Best

And finally, the best of the best, Knack Studios (below are my personal favorites, from her portfolio):

Natural wood with perfectly painted inlays – to die.


The woman sure knows how to choose a color scheme – dark tealy navy blue with just a pop of pale pink.


A familiar piece I attempted to replicate – the pop of color on this is just irresistibly delicious for someone in love with 60s Danish-style furniture like myself.


Again, a heavy piece I’d normally shy away from, but done in a very tasteful way (and light color) that actually makes it feel lighter and more regal than it is.


Something I would be more than a little scared to refinish or paint and ruin the details, but that much more beautiful when expertly done:


Color scheme – love. Striped accent – double love.




One of the few patterned pieces I’ve seen that I actually like:


And of course, because you all know how much I love this color:


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