Turning a Lamp into a Lamp

Is harder than it looks.

Especially when said “lamp” is actually a gas lantern that happens to be oh, sixty or so years old and covered in rust.

First – disassembly amidst said rust (hint: apply WD-40 liberally before trying to loosen any bolts) and cleaning everything up really good with Windex and metal polish…



Then setting aside the gas components (left side of picture) and taking the pieces we still wanted to use to Lowe’s with us to make sure all our fixtures fit, before drilling some holes (with a Dremmel) in the base for the electric cord, saving the original center hole for the gas line for bolting in the new socket.


Finally, reassembling with its new electric innards, including (of course) a mini Edison bulb to fit perfectly in the original fixture, then wincing as we plugged it in and waited for sparks to literally fly. Once we were sure that wasn’t happening – presto! Done.




I have to admit I’m prouder of this project than most I’ve done. Not only because it involved electrical work (and our house is still standing, uncharred), but also because I fought through my own feministic impulses and actually allowed Aaron to help me. And you know what? It turned out that much better for it.

Now, it’s officially for sale on my Etsy shop, for an I-dare-someone-to-buy-it hefty price because I maybe kinda sorta wanna keep it for myself, except for the fact I’m hellbent on convincing Aaron my random craft endeavors could potentially be profitable.

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