Taking the Plunge

I’m really trying this year to do the things I always said or thought or wished I would do, but haven’t because honestly, I’m not the most confident person in life. I always second guess if people truly think I am good at something or if they are really just being nice. I suppose this would qualify as some sort of self esteem issue, but it seems to be very specific to the things I create. I’ve never been one to question what I wear (all others be dammed, I love this outfit!) or the choices I make (it’s all in the gut!) or even the fact that I may not be my ideal bodyweight all the time.

It’s something about art – and its absolute complete subjectivity that somehow throws me for a loop. It’s taken me nearly 10 years of painting off and on (and 27 years of growing up) to put myself out there for real.

What did I do exactly? I found this adorable antique store downtown that displays and sells local art and they agreed to let me do the same (with a 20% commission on everything I sell).

So, I took the plunge.




I’m so excited to go see them hanging up in the store this weekend/slightly terrified no one will buy any… either way, I did it. Victory is mine.

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