Checking In

I always used to tease that I needed to get a part time job at Anthropologie just so I could start making back some of the money I spent every single time I passed the threshold of the doors.

You know that little antique store downtonwn I told you about? Same thing. Except this time, I kinda am earning my money back.

For the (ehem) third, maybe fourth weekend in a row, I went back this afternoon – but this time to check out how my paintings were selling:


Then ya know, continued browsing amongst all the little things there are to love:


Obsessed with this piece. Pretty sure it’s not for sale and more for displaying other things, but can’t help but fall in love.


Who wants to collect old mason jars when you can collect glass gin bottles? 😉


Loving this painting. Maybe I’ll attempt something similar?


Look what it is! An ombre dresser that looks like mine’s twin!

Before finally leaving with a little something for myself – a burnt “longhorn” orange jacket with pearl snaps perfect for the Houston rodeo/being awesome:



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