Weekend Update

To catch you up to speed on the life of Lauren, as of late:

1. I always knew Crocs were evil. In spite of my own better judgement, I bought a pair, convinced of their orthopedic qualities and the solemn vow that I would only wear them for actual gardening. Apparently, wearing them to mow the lawn was a slight move from my code of shoe ethics, and the evil Crocs decided to make me roll my ankle and falls down concrete steps.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.05.02 PM IMG_5924

2. My knees continued to look equally lovely just three days later when Aaron and I headed down to Austin (southbound! thirty-five! headin’ down the roaaaad…) for the wedding of our friends Stephen and Courtney. Which was absolutely down-to-the-T amazing/one of those weddings that should be on Pinterest for others to loathe and covet. (And the same wedding that came with the adorable invitations seen here.)

Paddle fan ceremony programs for the Texas heat + a couple-themed word find for the little ones (and me).

photo (68)

The happy couple, under twinkly lights


Amazing dessert bar with candy corn, cookies, mason jars of cheesecake, cake balls made to look like golf balls for the groom, and simple, rustic, beautiful touches.


A hometown-themed menu for the Chicago bride and Texas groom


Flower girls watching in awe


3. While in Austin we hit up the driving range, because I inadvertently found the ONE sport in human history that I have a small amount of natural talent for – golf. I’ve decided I enjoy golf. Yes, the sport of old, overweight, overwealthy men is well suited to my “athletic abilities” and my desire to find a relatively sedentary, non-contact sport that lets you hit things really far away. I’m pretty sure it all began with Aaron’s evil ploy to make the Golf Channel more acceptable at home.


got-game-of-thrones-27742397-398-5004. If I met a genie and gained three wishes, I’d switch one of them to wishing HBO would come out with the fourth season of Game of Thrones NOW. After finishing all three seasons on demand,  I decided I couldn’t stand to wait and might actually pick up the books and read. So I went to the book store and took a look at how long they were (assuming anyone who actually read them HAD to be exaggerating). Well, they’re weren’t. I discovered I’d have to read the equivalent of 4 Bibles – FOUR BIBLES worth of text just to catch up to where season three ended.

Now, I haven’t read that much on any one subject – not even my current profession (Lord knows I never finished a textbook reading assignment in my life). Heck, I haven’t even read the actual Bible cover to cover. Feels like maybe I should start there. And also, I should stop swearing in the same breath as mentioning the Bible.

5. Last week I got to tour our local Air Force base, which was a tiny bit boring but mostly fascinating because I’ve never been this close to IMG_6081seeing how people actually live when they or their families are in the service. The closest I’ve ever gotten in the past is touring the USS Lexington in Galveston, which mostly just made me feel enormously claustrophobic.

What struck me the most? (Besides the fact that the campus reminded me of the Texas A&M campus, except with planes on display) The perfectly complete and yet completely false sense of normalcy. It’s just like a college campus. People live, work and play. They go on jogs around campus and walk between classes with backpacks. They have a daycare and a golf course and dorms and extended stay housing. IMG_6078Except instead of spring break you get DEPLOYED. Besides the general appreciation for the military that every American has, and the awe of my WWII vet grandfathers, seeing the realness of life in the military has filled me with some new respect and admiration. My neighbors live their lives with that one fact hanging over their heads that makes everything so NOT normal – deployment. You’re not just learning in a classroom to sit at a desk. You’re learning for your life. For life and death and separation and distance and unknown. Can’t imagine the sense of worry military families must absorb for our nation’s peace of mind.


6. In more super-serious news, we have a new pet turtle. More specifically, a turtle has decided to make our backyard his home, despite our efforts to move him elsewhere, away from the dangers of curious dachshunds.


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