Dolla’ dolla’ bills, y’all

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed how much I love a good deal. I love getting value, paying less, finding the needle in the haystack. I’m particularly in love with what’s happening in the dollar section at Target these days:


Must be the Kikkerland takeover. Even noticed the cheaper version of my “real” Kikkerland pens. Which came with shiny as opposed to brushed metal details, a lack of branding, and an incredibly odd disclaimer on the side, as if to say “don’t worry, your overpriced version of these were still worth it – they’re better I swear.” Well, now I own both versions.


From the dollar section at Michaels – SUPER cute mini clothespins with embroidery embellishments. Aaron had to pull me kicking and screaming from the shelf because I wanted to buy several dozen, trying to explain to him they were PERFECT for parties (that don’t currently exist), and my “just one pack” wasn’t enough to spell out anything except “hello,” which today I learned has FIVE letters, not four (I am so smart) so I had to opt for the Spanish version just to show him the look I was going for.

DSC_0284 1073952_10103396653585860_1372888391_o 1072615_10103396653615800_2073948839_o

And finally, a delightful clearance find from Walmart. (Don’t you love that? Since Walmart is practically clearance already?) These shiny metallic slip ons with crotchet chevron stripes were 50% off for just SEVEN DOLLARS. Yeah, baby. (Aaron claims they look like $7 shoes and are wretched, but I stopped taking his fashion advice… oh wait, I never took his fashion advice. BURN, SON.)

IMG_6136 IMG_6138

Don’t worry, I know he reads this.

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