Before and After: Wooden Bread Box

Okay, so I kinda forgot to take a real “before.” The before on this project was my mother in law’s retro wooden bread box she’s had since her and my father in law were first married. Over the years in the kitchen, next to the preparation of lots of yummy food (which I routinely enjoy every time we’re in Austin) it’s gotten a little dingy. Well, a lot dingy. So Aaron and I took it home with us on our last visit, and gave it a complete refurbish. We sanded off all the stain and grime, removed and replaced hardware, restained and polyed – the works.


(Here’s the first “before” I remembered to capture – this was after scrubbing the wood with Comet bleach powder to remove the grease and goop, and starting to sand with a brutal 60-grit sandpaper.)

IMG_6006 IMG_6007

The 60-grit on our orbital sander (my new favorite toy) going to work – oh, and Aaron going to work too, haha. Thank the Lord for a husband that enjoys these projects as much as I do.


The wood, in its original, naked glory.

IMG_6093 IMG_6095 IMG_6099

New knob and hinges next to old knob and hinges. The only trouble with replacing hardware on something old? Rarely do they sell the exact same size hardware to replace it. Always a bit of retrofitting and wood-filling to do.



The stain. Which I have to admit, was a little darker than I liked, especially after spending so much time sanding off the original stain.


(Not pictured – the two coats of polyurethane we gave it to protect from future kitchen hazards.)


And the finished product!


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