Austin Rocks.

Dear Diary,

Last weekend I went to Austin and bought rocks.

Well, that’s not all I did, but it’s the funniest part (to me) because my husband thinks I’m crazy and that you shouldn’t go to Austin because the hippies will get you and I’m particularly vulnerable to their subversive ways.

(Which is also funny because he is an Austin native and my sister, who like me is a native of Texas’ most corporate city (Houston), is the one who brought me to the rock store in the first place.)

Regardless of who coerced whom, I ended up at a place called Nature’s Treasures that had an outdoor quarry rock yard in the back, an on-site psychic/tarot card reader, and what I’m pretty sure was some sort of spiritual healing class happening that included meditation music (with whatever the drum equivalent of a rain stick is).

At one point I became separated from the group, and a salesperson noticed I looked confused. He showed me to the outdoor rock yard, saying they might be there. When we didn’t immediately spot them, he said “or there might just be something out here you were meant to see.”

But it’s hard to feel spiritual healing and hear cosmic messages when outdoors in Texas in the summer.

Unless you’re dehydrated.

And hallucinating.

Either way, I managed to find three things I couldn’t live without, which, only upon bringing them home did I realize that their hippy-chic appeal doesn’t really flow with my pseudo mid-century modern hoarders aesthetic.


I suppose they work on the porch where there’s a stronger nature vibe going on.


(Really, Lauren? A wind chime?)

Cute though, right?

mobile mobile2

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