Every PR girl needs a retro silk shirt with telephones on it, aka the perfect shell for a power suit.


courtesy: Anthropologie (of course)

Also, I’m pretty sure every PR girl/writer needs a mid-century mod desk like this:

00000_dwIuWFDJrqn_600x450 00D0D_ijKs1OXHukd_600x450

Which, if the Craigslist seller does not respond to me soon, I may have an absolute aneurism waiting to see if I will actually be able to make it mine. (Did I mention they only want $65 for it??!!!!)

Because, really, what modern American twenty-something whose teeth were cut on the girl power of the Spice Girls, fueled by the woman power of Madeleine Albright (my personal hero as a child, along with Garbage’s Shirley Manson – yes, I realize a weird combo) and cured and set by the lasting influence of Gloria Steinem, wouldn’t want to live out some well-groomed but power-packed newsroom fantasy a-la His Girl Friday?

Annex - Grant, Cary (His Girl Friday)_02 cary-grant-his-girl-friday-2


Yep, I’m pretty sure Rosalind Russell would approve.

2 thoughts on “Necessities.

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