She’s just being Miley.

For those of you living under rocks (and rightfully so as there as some things you just can’t unsee) the blogo-tweeto-everythingo-sphere has been blowing up today, sharing things we all were thinking about one of the most abysmal MTV Video Music Awards performances in quite a while.

First, there’s this recap of the horror that was 3 or so minutes of Miley’s onstage debut as a TOUGH, REAL ADULT WHO’S TOTALLY ALLOWED TO CURSE AND PASS UP A CURFEW AND DO BAD THINGS – FOR THE RECORD! (Lest there be anyone who attempts to stand in the way of her “artistic evolution”)

Followed by this wonderful, amazing blog post speaking to Miley about her sad guesses as to what it means to be grown-up and still cool. (Written by someone who I consider both grown-up and pretty dang cool.)

Then there’s of course, this obvious Michael Keaton/Robin Thicke “Who Wore It Better” spoof

As well as 22 Things Miley Cyrus Looked Like at the 2013 VMA‘s

But I have to say (as much as it pains me) that there is one comparison I feel has been overlooked.

And I HATE to even make it, because hairstyle is really where the comparison ends, and this woman is one of my own adolescent rock idols.

BUT, doesn’t anyone else remember this phase of Gwen Stefani’s career?


We all make mistakes – some can even be described as quite spectacular and with an impressive amount of forethought. I suppose this gives us hope for Miley’s future fashion choices (or choice to actually listen to a stylist), but as for the rest of her choices – aren’t there enough cautionary tales to choose from regarding “teen star grows up” scenarios that you don’t have to experience them yourself?

Le sigh.

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