Design-spiration: Vintage Postcards

Design-spiration: Vintage postcards from where you live. (Especially if it someplace new, other than home, like this is for us.)

Remember my trip to the Austin Antiques Mall? Well, I did find two things that were affordable and totally perfect for me – the bottom two postcards in this series below. (The top one I already had, but thought the series needed a third for framing.)

The middle one depicts a church in downtown near Aaron’s office, and the bottom shows a park where Aaron and I regularly go hit golf balls, just down the street from our house, which was cool in itself to find all the way in an Austin market. But, it was the note on the back that really made me smile….


Isn’t the penmanship beautiful?

IMG_6404 IMG_6404 - Version 2

“We are all o.k., only too warm.”

If I were to have written a letter to my loved ones upon moving here, it would have started the exact same way.

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