Four Eyes


Just saw this picture on Pinterest today, but I took the photo of myself almost two months ago. Yep, me and John, we’re totally soulmates. 😉

Photo on 8-7-13 at 5.48 PM #2

Then again, I also took this picture…


The reason for this post that I’m slowly getting to is that I’ve had my new fancy glasses from Rivet & Sway for over a month now, I’ve just been waiting for a day when I actually showered, fixed my hair, had makeup on, AND time to take pictures.

Apparently, during no point in the last 30 did I have a day where I lived up to all 4 standards. (Pathetic? Maybe.)

So, settling for 3 out of the 4 (who needs makeup anyway) here are my long, long, long overdue photos from my adventure with Rivet’s 3 sample pairs and my final decision.


SUPER cute branding and packaging!

sallyjessy familiar tiffany neopolitan finally

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