Scarf Swap 2013

This year, I finally got on the wagon and decided to participate in Meredith’s annual scarf swap. I love the idea of using someone’s online footprint to gather information on their personal style and shop accordingly for them in a secret-santa-esque mission.


My Partner: Frances Raybon. Internet stalking created a picture of someone with a love of clean, classic style. Very put together, sharp, but allowing for days when you want to just be comfy. So I opted for something with a clean, crisp geometric print on classic colors, but with a little bit of quirky “this could be art deco but also boho” style to give a little interest and something unexpected.

Here’s my partner’s, all dressed up and ready to go:

IMG_6821 Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.42.41 PM

Meanwhile, my delightful little gift arrived in the mail. (And when I say meanwhile, I actually mean long before, since Frances is apparently much less of a procrastinator than me.)



Now, here’s the part where an innocent enough scarf swap makes me realize something about my own genuine, deep down narcissism. While I bought the scarf for my partner, I also pinned the scarf to my birthday wish list, because, well, I love the scarf. And sure enough, my sister bought it for me for my birthday. So, there I was with two identical scarfs and physical evidence stacked against me.

Aaron always accuses me of only buying gifts for others that I really want for myself. That I’m never really able to step outside myself and really, truly think of what another person would like to receive without indulging the desire to shop for things I can get excited about. This comes after a long period of time in our relationship where Aaron didn’t like any presents I got him, and finally gave up and never again deviated from his list.

Even more disturbing, the scarf is eerily similar in style to the one Frances picked out for me, from what I assume to be a more benevolent place. Do we always project ourselves onto others? Is it a means of trying to relate to another human, or are we, for better or for worse, completely, unconsciously but irrevocably, focused on ourselves? I suppose these are not the questions one should be asking on a blog they write about their own life.

On the other hand, look at all my cute fall gear, ready for the next cold front!

photo (76)

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