The Junior League has recently hinted that this Spring there will be a big event that will necessitate the wearing of some vintage.

So of course this announcement was proceeded by several late-night hours scouring Etsy for something delicious and reasonably priced.

Here’s a small collection of the dresses I think put the va-va-voom in vintage!


1960s Vera Neumann floral

il_570xN.482292968_aelzLichtenstein-esque patterned early 90s cotton frockil_570xN.503350505_1sdf

1960s geometric knit dress (would be GREAT with a belt)

il_570xN.461367332_fereSilk DVF bubble dress (in a size 0)


1950s striped chiffon party dress


Evening wear:

1950s copper tulle princess dress


1960s Austin Powers twist on the LBD


My absolute favorite at a heartbreaking price in a bulimia-inducing size. (Seriously, what human with a rib cage has a 25” waist and 34” bust?)


2 thoughts on “Va-Va-Vintage!

  1. It’s possible I can have a set of ribs removed before the event. To be able to wear crinolines and a 50’s evening dress I’d consider it.

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