A Day in the Life: Falls Fest 2013

Remember how I said I would tell you the story of how a stranger gave me a box full of cash and I made a joke about adult diapers all in the span of about an hour?


Backing up from that, let’s start at the beginning. I’ve been a Provisional Member of the local Junior League for almost six months now. In that time, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many smart, kind, wonderful, witty girls I’ve met, many of which already GET my odd sense of humor, and the fact that even if I come across as sugar coated rainbows, I’ve got some sass and nerdiness that will never really go away.

Fast-forward to the last weekend in September – my first big volunteer shifts at the League’s first big event of the season. Shift one at the Kids in the Kitchen committee’s kids’ station started with helping the kids make crafts and assemble healthy snack packs. (Me and my friend Sarah pictured below.) And of course, the obligatory applying of temporary tattoos (a huge draw for real kids and me a like).



After a costume change, I was back for round two – the evening shift at the concession tickets booth.


Observe, my box full of cash, given to me as soon as I stepped on duty. It was of course organized to OCD perfection almost as quickly. It was during this shift I discovered a few things:

  1. Playing cash register is fun.
  2. I’m one of those people that gets an inordinate amount of pleasure from relatively small amounts of power and authority.
  3. My math skills have declined significantly.
  4. At the end of the shift, if your register is not balanced, the difference is on you (still waiting to hear on this one – terrified of how bad my math actually got during the big rush).
  5. Don’t make weird jokes with people you’ve just met. So yeah, this is how the diaper thing happened. One girl asked the lead girl if she could leave for a minute to go use the restroom. I decide this is the perfect time to pull out my obscurely referenced crazy NASA lady joke and retort “No, don’t you know you were supposed to wear adult diapers to every shift? No leaving our posts!” As a “really, I think you’re good” nod of support to her request.
  6. This is not funny to anyone but me.
  7. My new friends are in fact wonderful people who get me. They totally got the reference to my joke, and continued to like me anyway, when explained over cocktails the following week.


MOVING ON, I also made a wonderful little discovery thanks to a tip from my friend Claire. (Thanks, Claire!) Turns out, our town has food trucks afterall! This cute little thing below called “The Gypsy Kit” had a rather inspired menu for a carnival, and the fries topped in kimchi Sriracha mayo sauce were out of this world.


IMG_6961 IMG_6963

Last but not least, deep fried Oreos. Because any good carnival has them, and any good blog has a little gratuitous food porn every once in a while.


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