Winning the Lottery and Painting Furniture

I know exactly what I would do if I won the lottery. And like Peter from Office Space, I know exactly what I would do. But surprisingly enough, it wouldn’t be nothing.

My lottery list:

  • Pay off all debts
  • Help my family
  • Buy a house in Houston to use as a home base
  • Travel the world
  • Open a furniture store where I sold unique pieces (some of which I refinished myself) and original artwork and accessories (I would only curate – my skills aren’t that great)
  • Travel the world again, looking for cool items to put in my shop

THAT’s how much I love interior design. Sometimes I think I missed my calling. I mean, what kind of person uses rearranging furniture as a relaxation technique? Seriously, when I can’t fall asleep at night, I calm myself into my happy place by mentally moving around the furniture in my house and finding creative ways to mix it up.

With my latest project, I do feel a little like I won the lottery. The hutch is exactly the style I love, oh-so perfect for my home office needs, AND has some great open shelves just itching to be backed in wallpaper.

Here’s progress so far:


photo 1 (1)

photo 2






Now I’m just down to one final decision – what “wallpaper” should I use to match the paint? The color paint I chose is called “Little Sprout” and is a pale greeny yellow. The sample image from Valspar looks a little neon, but here and here are some good pictures from other bloggers who used the color. (I also managed to find the hex code for the color. You know, just in case I’d like to match things on my computer to my office. Don’t you just love the internetz?)



What this is all very slowly getting to is the fact that I am now at a standstill. I’ve narrowed it down to three paper patterns, and I’m not sure which to use:

1. Rifle Paper Co. “Midnight Floral” paper


2. Glasses wrapping paper from PaperSource


3. “Spring Rain” by


Please vote in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery and Painting Furniture

  1. I like the brightness of the glasses one with the yellow/green…..but they are glasses….for a desk… maybe the spring rain! i dont like the dark one =(

  2. Thanks for the love! Little Sprout was the first color I picked out for my house. I think it’s just the perfect spring green! Most people come into my kitchen and think it’s yellow 😦 but I know it’s the perfect green!

    Also I LOVE the black one! How dramatic!

  3. Haha, sigh. It looks like we have a three-way tie 😉

    Thanks for your input though – such a tough decision. Luckily/unluckily I got the “Spring Rain” sample in, and the print is a LOT smaller that it looks in the picture, and the background is a lot more dingy/not as white, so I think it’s out.

    I’m now conflicted because the Rifle flowers are my favorite, but they don’t come in sheets large enough to span the whole back of the shelves, so I’d have to piece together several different ones and I’m afraid it would look sloppy. But I love the contrast of colors and not making it TOO pastel.

    Glasses on the other hand fit perfectly and match well.

    Le sigh. Maybe I’ll wait until I’m done painting and it’s all reassembled to get a better idea of what it will look like….

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