Lauren’s Favorite Things

Well, I’m still a little behind on the blogging, so this post just went from a “last-minute shopping suggestions” to a “cure the post-holiday blues with inexpensive gifts to yourself” theme.

(Like how I spun that? PR, FTW.)

Anyhow, these are a few of my favorite things (that I may or may not have bought myself whilst shopping for others).

1. LC Lauren Conrad jewelry at Kohl’s – (top middle two images are of a bracelet and double earring set I bought myself)


2. Super, super soft pajama pants from JC Penney.


3. Beautiful wall and desk calendars from Paper Source.


Prepare to be shocked and amazed.

Because I’m updating my blog for the first time in a million, cadrillion days. Actually, if I would have waited just a couple more, it would be an entirely different year.

PS, to make it up to you, here’s a really cute picture of Oscar my dad took over Christmas. You’re welcome.



Never in my adult life have I given myself more than a year to just exist, without some big life change.

Subconsciously bound to making this year no exception, I decided to quit my job and start a new one, just two weeks before the end of the year (and tragically two weeks shy of my Christmas bonus). And so, instead of hobbling out with the old year, I’m ending 2013 like the New Year’s baby – refreshed, eager, a little bit nervous and overwhelmed, but mostly just joyful.

That’s right. I’m choosing that my word from 2014 will be “joyful.” Not only because it’s what I want to be, but it’s what I spent the better half of 2013 being taught lessons on how to be.

Ever tried praying so hard for one specific thing to happen that you had almost convinced yourself there was no alternative way of living? Hello, 2013 – the year I prayed for everything I ever wanted and was repetitively given what I needed instead.

Looking back at the past five adult years of my life, there are so many things I could check on the list as ones I never wanted, asked for, or expected to go another way, but what I’m finally, finally, FINALLY learning is that I am exactly where I need to be. Not because it’s my final destination, but because it’s part of something larger that will all make sense in the end. (I hope.)

Behold, the whirlwind thus far:


  • started my first agency internship (LatinWorks)
  • got a dog (Ruby)
  • graduated college
  • moved (Austin to Sugar Land)
  • got married
  • moved (Sugar Land to Houston)
  • started my first agency job (MMI)
  • supported my husband as he started law school
  • weathered a hurricane (Ike)


  • started a second job (Houston Press)
  • learned about my mom having fibromyalgia
  • got promoted (Account Executive, PR at MMI)
  • quit second job (bye, bye Houston Press)
  • went on a winter cruise with my family


  • moved (Galleria to Inner Loop)
  • got another dog (Oscar)
  • learned how to care for a dog who has seizures
  • got my tonsils out (and learned just how horrible a reaction to narcotics one can have…)


  • celebrated my husband’s graduation from law school (then did the exact opposite of celebrate while my husband job searched for almost a year)
  • moved in with parents
  • survived my husband studying for the Texas BAR exam
  • went to Jamaica to celebrate the end of the BAR exam


  • continued living with my parents
  • moved 400 miles (Houston to Wichita Falls)
  • became MMI’s second-ever remote employee
  • took upwards of 30 flights between Wichita Falls and Houston
  • threw my sister a wedding shower
  • became surrogate wedding planner for my sister


  • celebrated my sister’s wedding
  • joined Junior League
  • got promoted (Senior Account Executive, PR at MMI)
  • continued my record-breaking travel schedule, and reached Elite Gold status for American Airlines
  • got a root canal
  • survived a bee swarm in our backyard (and an acute bout of hypochondria)
  • joined Cattle Baron’s Ball committee
  • called 911 for the fourth time in my life and spent a week with my husband in the hospital, then helped him recover from back surgery
  • quit job (MMI)
  • started new job (Relay for Life)

Dear 2014, I  know I can take whatever you throw at me, but take it easy, won’t you?

Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year

Today, Pantone announced the 2014 color of the year will be “Radiant Orchid.” Which is a color I’ve been obsessed with for precisely 237 days, or since April 12, 2013. And just happened to be wearing today (shirt below).

I am always ahead of trends.



Do you think this color is hot right now? Up and coming? So yesterday? Do you even LIKE the color? I feel like their selection of Emerald for 2013 was welcomed (I love emerald) but off-trend. Mint green would have been a more appropriate (accurate) choice.

Curious to hear your thoughts.