MY 600-lb. Life

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.17.04 PM

In an earlier post maybe a year or so ago, I admitted one of the least flattering things about myself – the fact that I sometimes like to watch shows about obesity, and in particular Newhaven Obesity Clinic (which ironically is in my hometown of Houston), because it makes me feel a little better. Like “hey, I just ate 5 cookies today but at least I didn’t XYZ.”

Well, I’m getting my just desserts (pun intended) because apparently, me and 597-pound Zsalynn from San Antonio share all the same vices.

me: (shouting towards the kitchen at my husband from the couch)  She’s buying Blue Bell!

me: Oh God, she’s eating Shipley’s Donuts!!!

a: You sound like you’re watching 9-11 unfold.

Maybe I am.

Photo credit: Dave Whitley

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