Witchy Woman: Art Imitates Artist on American Horror Story, Coven


Ever since I saw The September Issue, a documentary chronicling American Vogue magazine’s arduous journey to print on its biggest issue of the year, I’ve felt creative director Grace Coddington was:

1. Just about the coolest person around
2. The brains behind the whole operation (although I suppose that’s debatable since Anna Wintour seems an all-consuming persona)
3. The uncontested heart behind the whole operation (no arguments there)

Which is why, despite its rather slow-paced plot line, season three of American Horror Story (Coven) quickly became my favorite once Myrtle Snow quite literally rose from the ashes to become the fashion-forward embodiment of Grace herself.


Each sits on a high-powered council:


Signature voluminous “I don’t give a damn” red hair and sassy-smart expression:

grace myrtle2

General supernatural wardrobe staples:

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 1.50.42 PM

And of course, there’s the parallel with the lifelong frenemy sidekick – Jessica Lange (aka  Fiona Goode) puts up one hellofa fight for the role of playing Anna Wintour to Frances Conroy’s (aka Myrtle’s) Grace Coddington.


Also, did I mention the numerous Stevie Nicks appearances on the show? What’s not to love. Girl. Power.

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