Sensory Deprivation

Lately, I’ve been trying that whole “live life rather than just writing/tweeting/facebooking/constantly cataloguing everything about it” thing.

Last weekend, that culminated in a completely unplanned, without-even-trying, full-on sensory deprivation period of 48 hours in which I only looked at my phone once to text my family lunch plans.

THAT’S how out of touch I’ve been.

And it was refreshing, but I’ve decided all of that is for the birds. Because the truth is even without blogging in practically a year, I have a stockpile of ideas that have been building like plaque on teeth. My mind and desktop need to be brushed.

(Coincidentally, I went to the dentist yesterday.)

Maybe if I begin again and blog repeatedly my mind won’t bleed like unflossed gums and I will come up with less weird metaphors.

The Things I Needed To Express Today:

1. I finally bought the exorbitantly overpriced candle that gives Anthropologie its distinct smell. Just sitting unlit on my desk, it brings me to my happy place. The problem is that happy place costs me a lot of money, and I finally had to move the thing to curb the urge to visit the Anthro website and buy everything I’ve been attempting to forget existed. It’s kind of like how every time I hear Tejano or mariachi music I immediately crave Tex Mex. Powerful stuff.

Make your mental note: it’s this one.


2. I just realized my top story is me buying a candle. This blog is doomed.