I’ve been doing a few little projects around the house that I’ve yet to share.

1. Inspiration from my friend’s uber-chic NYC condo:


Made it so that I couldn’t resist using the same tongue-in-cheek illustration in my own WC:

IMG_0147 IMG_0148

2. Autumn-izing the shelf above my TV (aka my pseudo-fireplace ledge replacement):IMG_0411 IMG_0409

3. Terrorizing the mid-century modern-loving community by reconstructing this unsuspecting dresser to work as a media cabinet/TV stand.

10415648_861507573864054_676283700775083196_n IMG_0413

3. Realizing My coffee table accessories are very similar to the ones on E! News (am I hip or what?)


4. Christmas-izing aforementioned shelf…


…and the rest of the living room.


2 thoughts on “Spruce.

  1. I just had to buy one larger than needed and put white paper behind it to fill in the gaps. It’s my ghetto way of matting a frame. 😉

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