Ceteris Paribus.

I abandoned my Twitter account about the time I abandoned this blog. After almost two years, and just about every life change imaginable, I found that the simple act of updating my profile pretty much sums up everything you’ve missed:



Quit blogging, quit selling on Etsy, got pregnant with my first child, became a first-time homeowner, said goodbye to my twenties, had a baby and became a MOM, quit my job and started a new one. Oh, and the baby stole my vision somewhere around month five, so now after 30 years of perfect vision I wear glasses.

But aside from all that – all things being equal (ceteris paribus) – I’m pretty much exactly the same person I was two years ago.

(Hah. Are we ever the same person we were two years ago?)

I spent quite a bit of time on this blogging discussing what it might be like to simply live life for a while without picking apart my every action, typing it up, then overanalyzing it some more.

Fighting that part of my nature has been good for me – action is good. But then the more you act on life’s opportunities, the less time you have to reflect on them, until eventually you realize two years has passed on your favorite pastime.

So I’m giving it a go again after a record hiatus.

Hello, world. How’ya been?





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