Five Things: New Year’s Edition

fivethingsFINAL2 copy

I’ve always loved the Five Things series from Cupcakes & Cashmere, plus I’ve been attempting to improve my photography lately, so I figured it was time to do another installment.

Thing One: Ringing in 2017 with neon accessories that seem to be more 80s than 2010’s.


Thing Two: The Christmas haul. (Okay, so it’s more than one thing, but each one makes me smile.)


Thing Three: MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD TREAT HAS RETURNED! They stopped making these I believe in the late 90s and I have missed them terribly. Thank you, Walmart for testing them out again around the holidays. I hope they become a part of the permanent collection.


Thing Four: Socks I almost bought for every single friend and sibling I have, if my husband and budget hadn’t stopped me. Note: I didn’t take this picture… obviously…


Thing Five: My new project over at Texoma With Kids. Okay, so that’s not really a “thing” so much as a shameless plug. 😉


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