Aging Fashionably

Lately I’ve had some trouble coming to grips with getting older. Not so much from a physical perspective, although the occasional errant gray hair and rapid deterioration of my metabolism are rather alarming.

It’s more the realization that the world of fashion feels more narrowed to me. For the first time in my life, I now look at clothes, shoes, accessories and question if they are too juvenile for me.

I still feel sad that basically my entire family mocked and dissuaded me months ago from buying a pair of Keds from the Taylor Swift design line.

(For the record, it was these.)

And with the transition to spring, I went through my (rather extensive) nail polish collection to pick something out, and for the first time questioned if I should really be wearing any of these colors. I suppose the pastel blues and mints are still okay. But I’m thinking the neon orange and bright purple and navy blue might not be professional for someone in their thirties?

And I don’t know if it was this realization that spurred it, or my general shift towards neutrals lately, but yesterday I did a little shopping to replace my almost-empty current favorite nail polish:

I remember having to figure out what dressing for your twenties meant – dressing young and fun, but not too young to still professional at work. Or not like a teenager at happy hour. Being thirty-one, a new mom, with a new mom-shaped body that is definitely not what I want it to be and still a work in progress, has left me feeling a little lost in an area I always felt so confident in.