The Latest Trend For Your Inner Fat Kid: Circus Animals

There are some REALLY exciting things going on right now if you’re in a deep, committed relationship with sugar like I am.

Exhibit One: Grown fresh from the rainbow/unicorn creations trend everywhere, this Braum’s Circus Animal Cookie Sundae is about the fattest and most wonderful thing I’ve ever eaten. Blood glucose levels be damned, I didn’t even feel guilty.

Luckily you can also by the ice cream flavor as a standalone in a 2 pint carton, and cut out a few hundred calories you’d get in the sundae with the same level of enjoyment.

After a little “research” I discovered there are oh, about a million super-cute, delicious looking recipes involving this trend:

Frosted Animal Cookie Cheesecake

Circus Animal Popcorn

Circus Animal Cookie Dough Truffle Bars

Circus Animal Cookie Truffles (AKA Cake Balls)

In the non-edible arena, how cute are these DIY ideas?

Circus Animal Throw Pillows

Circus Animal Christmas Tree Ornaments

Easy DIY Circus Animal Halloween Costume


My Mid-Century Dream Home

I like to play a little dangerous game where I peruse We are not looking to move any time soon, but every once in a while I just like to see what’s out there. This time it started when our neighbor’s house across the street went up for sale, and I wanted to see what it looked like on the inside so I started searching.

Which led me to a house SO VERY PERFECT FOR ME that I could openly weep at its unaffordability. ($399,000 for the record.)

How gorgeous is this?

The only thing it’s missing is a beautiful, simple, sleek mid-century style pool outside that wall full of windows.

And me, of course. 😉

Now would be a GREAT time to win the lottery. Coincidentally over the weekend we bought a Powerball ticket when it went over $400 million, and got 2 numbers and the Powerball number correct, so we won (a whopping $21!!!). Hahaha. So, you know, we’re basically almost there. Whimper.