The World’s Worst Unboxing Video

Editor’s Note: I’ve never, ever, ever, done a video before. Mostly because I’m 99% sure I’m 99% less witty that when I write. But there’s a reason people do unboxing¬†videos –¬†taking photos and typing it up was WAY too complicated.

I briefly considered waiting to do this video until I had makeup done, hair done, cute clothes on. But that + having the actual time to record it would pretty much never happen. So instead I chose to record it after putting to bed a toddler with a stomach virus (hey, at least he went to bed early!) and put my shiny, COMPLETELY makeup-free face in front of the camera, in two-day old hair and a pajama shirt.

Because I keep it real. (Sob.)

Also, for the record, here is my referral link:

PS – OCD people? That one errant strand of hair outside my messy bun? YOU’RE WELCOME. (Seriously, though, maybe don’t even watch this.)

Finally, here is a picture of the entire box, in case you wanted a better look:

PPS – This was the ORIGINAL unboxing video I saw that inspired the impulse buy to begin with. (Click through to Facebook) I would have killed for some nude lipgloss, Debra Lipman nail polish, and that cool tablecloth thing.