Five Things: New Year’s Edition

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I’ve always loved the Five Things series from Cupcakes & Cashmere, plus I’ve been attempting to improve my photography lately, so I figured it was time to do another installment.

Thing One: Ringing in 2017 with neon accessories that seem to be more 80s than 2010’s.


Thing Two: The Christmas haul. (Okay, so it’s more than one thing, but each one makes me smile.)


Thing Three: MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD TREAT HAS RETURNED! They stopped making these I believe in the late 90s and I have missed them terribly. Thank you, Walmart for testing them out again around the holidays. I hope they become a part of the permanent collection.


Thing Four: Socks I almost bought for every single friend and sibling I have, if my husband and budget hadn’t stopped me. Note: I didn’t take this picture… obviously…


Thing Five: My new project over at Texoma With Kids. Okay, so that’s not really a “thing” so much as a shameless plug. 😉


Five Things: Trending.

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I stole the idea of a “five things” blog post a while ago from the series on Cupcakes & Cashmere, and decided why not continue it. So, I present to you, for your amusement, the five things I am obsessed with right now:

  1. For the Love of Pineapples! (They seem to be everywhere these days!) How awesome is that blue pineapple lamp?
  2. Metal/Enamel Camping Mugs – I’m in charge of ordering promo items at my job, and I’ve been really tempted to slap our logo on a few hundred of these bad boys. But I’m afraid the style might be a little too specific to appeal to a large group of people.
  3. La Croix “Curate” – My favorite flavors are Blackberry Cucumber and Watermelon Kiwi, and although I have yet to attempt it, I can see how they could be the basis for some fabulous cocktails.
  4. Lumberjacks – Because Teddy’s first birthday is a MEAGER three months away and I have already started planning. And all the buffalo plaid and forest creatures are just too cute to resist.
  5. Frank & Joe’s – We don’t have that many truly local coffee shops, and this is a brand new one that just happens to have some fabulous graphic design. And it doesn’t hurt that they’ve chosen a signature color I *might* be addicted to as much as I am the caffeine they’re serving.

Bonus #6 – Cacti are the new succulents. (Also, they actually ARE succulents, just tougher. So I’m not sure it counts as a separate trend to begin with, but there you have it.)


Five Things

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Cheap, sugary nostalgia

Accessorizing your personal goals

Asking a store if their display furniture is also for sale (because it’s that awesome)


Curating your own junk pile crafts corner


Unexpected gifts from someone who knows you too well; weird people romance.


Five Things….of Shopping

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My favorite desserts, turned into desserts.


Menswear for women. Especially when it’s cheap AND on sale. And so good for layering.


Hobby Lobby selling couches that look like Anthropologie quilts.


Knowing that eventually, Target will put these on sale. (And when they do, I’ll be ready!)


Having a delightful yet overwhelming backlog of magazine “reading” to catch up on, thanks to my free subscriptions from


Five Things


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1. Art that inspires.


2. This Warhol-esque (and delightfully pink!) makeover on a classic movie poster.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.00.30 AM

3. Super stylish Save-the-Dates from friends that make me (almost) as excited as the wedding itself.

savethedate copy

4. My other friend’s flawless baby room style that makes me (almost) excited about eventually doing the same.



5. Vertical gardening with a cute retro cart – ensuring a beauty no matter how many plants you accidentally kill.


Five Things – In Color.

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Amethyst. Amethyst, amethyst, amethyst. If this was Oprah’s Favorite Things, and I was both the audience and Oprah, there would be a whole lot of screaming going on. So obsessed lately.


Emerald. Pantone’s color of the year, and oh-so perfect for brunettes.


Cinnamon. It’s somewhere in the red/maroon/orangey brown family and a little hard to define, but infinitely says fall. I miss fall colors and I’ve been hopelessly searching for the perfect set of cinnamon red skinny cords.


Metallic wood. This dresser is the best of both preservation and restoration. I love it. Totally emulating it on my next project.



Winter Mint. Or seafoam. Or whatever. But I think it’s a pastel that works in the cold (or maybe it’s just my favorite color so it works all the time?)


If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best

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One of my favorite blogs filled with complete fashion eye-candy, Cupcakes & Cashmere, has a little series called “Five Things” about things the author is currently in love with, experiencing, etc.

Even though my life is a little more like Box Mix & Rayon these days, I’ve decided to steal a page and embrace the (only slightly cheaper) things in life that give me joy.

Without further ado, installment numero uno:



1. Peonies. This is coincidentally also something I stole. As you are all well aware (since I talked about it nonstop) my sister’s wedding was last weekend. Well, as luck would have it, every florist in town was out of peonies. Something about bad weather, failed crops and I’m sure their sudden resurgence in popularity since Blair Waldorf couldn’t tie the knot with Chuck Bass without them. Anyhow, my sister picked a good one. After accepting the disappointment and moving on rather graciously, my sis arrived to the church on the big day to find a card and three pink peonies waiting for her from her betrothed. Since she left for her honeymoon sans-flora, I adopted them and stole the back to my rental house. (No sense in letting good flowers go to waste?)

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 5.07.40 PM

2. Mukluks. I got them for Christmas, and they are awesome, and look so ridiculous on me (especially with the tassles) that every time I put them on I cannot resist a dance I made up just for the occasion. For reference, it’s incredibly similar to The Carlton. (Want some ‘luks of your own? These are cute + on sale)



3. Puppy Snugs. Because everyone should be so lucky as to go through life with a needy, overly shaggy dog.


4. Barb Blair, her flawless furniture and her graciously liberal trade-secret-revealing tutorial series on Design Sponge.




5. Plants that are impossible to kill. My little collection of bamboo and succulents are the only things that keep on trucking, with or  (mostly) without my green thumb. To add to it, my sister gave me the coolest Christmas present – a homemade succulent terrarium. I’m in love.